Amazed by Wiz!

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by susiestar, Aug 8, 2008.

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    Wiz got a JOB!!! He will be working at the locally owned grocery store!!! I am SO PROUD of him for going out and getting a job. It is his first real job - he will start next Thursday.

    AND I have a DATE with Wiz!!!!

    I got invited to a Customer Appreciation function at my fave used bookstore tomorrow morning before they open. Wiz ASKED me if he could come and offered to have breakfast and do anything else I needed to do (it is in the city husband works in).

    HE ASKED TO SPEND TIME WITH JUST ME!!! It really really feels good to have him ask to spend a morning with just me.

    I do need to talk to him about an issue my mom brought up, but I don't forsee having to make a big deal about it.

    I am just going to enjoy him. A totally AMAZING feeling after all these years.

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  2. gcvmom

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    How cool is THAT?! I hope your outing together is just great :D Congrats to Wiz on his first job! I hope it does a lot for his self esteem, maturity and independence.
  3. This is wonderful! You should be really proud of Wiz. Have fun!

  4. klmno

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    Wow!! It sounds like somebody is maturing quickly now!! I hope you have a great morning with him. by the way- how did his day at the sci-fi thing go?
  5. Christy

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    That is so great! So happy for you both!
  6. jannie

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    That's fabulous !!!:D
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    Cool. He's growing up. Way To Go.
  8. susiestar

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    I think (fingers crossed) that he really IS growing up. I find it truly a miracle.

    His day at the sci-fi convention was great. They both had a wonderful time at the convention AND a wonderful time together. Wiz didn't beg for $$ for things. At one point he was short about $3 for a dvd. he asked husband if he could BORROW the money - didn't beg or whine for it! He also said he would pay the $$ from his mowing fee on a specific date less than a week away. husband gave him the $$ and told him it was not a loan - that husband would happily cover it because we get things for the other kids at times. Even after this Wiz didn't ask for $$ for anything.

    And while things are going pretty well with him, there are some issuesn with his education. I am surprised because I don't have that "things are pretty good - when is the shoe going to fall???" feeling. I am just enjoying it. A new attitude for me.
  9. klmno

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    That sounds so positive!! I'm excited to hear how tomorrow goes! You know, after he's done so well, it won't stay great all the time but thesse "atta boys" sure keep us going through the "oh no" times!!

    Send congratulations to him from his board Aunties!!
  10. everywoman

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    Enjoy your day with your son. It is long overdue.
  11. Wiped Out

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    What a super positive post! I love reading posts like these. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
  12. susiestar

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    I called Wiz at 4:40 am to make sure he was getting ready to leave. Drove over, picked him up just before 5. He was all ready and waiting outside for me.

    We had a wonderful time talking on the hour plus long drive. He said one thing that had me about to roll on the floor. here it is:

    The Easter bunny is just a rabbit that runs around pooping chocolate balls.

    It just hit my funny bone. Got jessies too when I told her a few minute ago.

    We chatted about his schedule. He swears he can get into the University with his grades and his schedule. He is super excited about the c&c machine tooling class at the vocational school. the job prospects for that look very good to let him pay for his education. he named places around our area who use what he will be learning.

    He picked out what I expected him to in books. Had a TON of them, then whittled it WAY down (from about 30 books to 7 with NO complaining at ALL.

    Then we went to a bakery and had breakfast - HE PAID!!! We had a great time talking there too.

    On the drive home I had to stop and walk around a bit because my hips and legs were cramping. He was very patient with my slowness, helped me straighten out from sitting very gently. just was a real sweetie.

    I talked to my dad when I dropped Wiz off. My dad said that Wiz came back to talk to him after I called about the sale. Wiz was literally jumping up and down - NOT about going to the used book sale, but about getting to go do something with just Mom!!! I was thrilled to hear it, really made me happy.

    Ladies, I can honestly say I never thought this day would come. A couple of years ago things seemed SO bleak and terrible and scary and hopeless. I was so lost, with no clue as to how to help my kids, my husband or myself. I did not ever forsee a time when I would have the son I new was really Wizard back.

    I am crying, because I really DO have him. I can't say that I understand his classes, but it isn't my choice. and I don't have all the information to make any educated suggestions. He was open, honest, loving, considerate, kind, gentle, fun, funny, and mostly, I HAVE MY SON BACK!! He won't live with us - I don't think it would be good for any of us, but we truly are a family again.

    Thank you. all of you, for all the love, support, ideas, and help along this road. I know there is more to come, but I have HOPE and with that I can do anything.

    ps. Jessie, the child who was most injured by Wiz, was talking to me on thurs. She said I am her hero. I was crying a bit because I was so touched and honored. She said that she new what was going on with Wiz back then adn she watched how I handled it all trying to do what would help everyone. And because that I am her hero.

    WOW, what a week this has been!
  13. TerryJ2

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    Oh, what a wonderful note to read! It gives the rest of us hope!
    I am so happy for you. And I am so glad you are seeing clearly, IOW, that he cannot live with-you because it would be better for you all. But that he is SO much better, and has a great personality and great potential, just as a human being.
    The frosting on the cake is that Jessie is so sympathetic and open toward you. OMG. What a blessing.
    You GO!
  14. Estherfromjerusalem

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    Susiestar, what a wonderful post. I enjoyed reading every single word of your report. You deserve every good thing -- it's about time.

    Yes, it also gives hope to a lot of other parents here on the board.

    Continue enjoying it all, from ALL the family.

    Love, Esther