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Former desparate mom is now selling non perishable groceries. There is a nice section of gluten free products.

Gluten Free Products

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Lately, I've been trying to incorporate more gluten-free and organic foods into our diet. (It's expensive shopping at Central Market but hopefully it's worth it.)

I've also cut way back on dairy products. I can't say that we are gluten-free or casein free but I've been much more aware of what I'm serving the kids lately.

Who out there is on a gluten free or casein free diet and in your experience does it really affect behavior?

I eliminated all dairy products from my younger son's diet and it helped his impulsiveness and concentration. It is good that you are paying attention to your kids' diet. You may want to try eliminating specific foods to see if they are triggers.


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My kids and I are on the girlfriend/CF diet and for us, it has made a huge difference. I am very strict because I have noticed even tiny amounts cause problems.

For me, gluten makes me depressed, anxious, tired, have "brain fog", unmotivated, and have auditory processing problems

For my older daughter, casein makes her mean, hostile, and agressive. Gluten makes her irritable, defiant, and tired.

For my younger daughter, gluten and casein make her anxious, easily angered, hyper, and easily distracted.


Now those fruitabu, smooshed fruit things are cheaper at the store then buying them directly off of their website, go figure>?


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we have been on the gluten/casien free diet for a week now, with no noticable changes, only more tantrums due to lack of the normal foods, but we are going to hang in there and wait.