Ambien anyone?



Dr. gave me Ambien to help me sleep. With my odd hours I have been having a difficult time. Also I picked up my HRT patch today. I took Ambien when I got home, then difficult child wanted Taco Bell. I went and got him something, and myself also. I woke up tonight, jumped out of bed because I don't remember bringing it in from the car...or eating it. difficult child laughed and said Yea, I ate it. I have NO memory of eating it. Dang...I like what I ordered too and don't even remember eating it. Scary. Must not ever take it and then go somewhere. Total memory blank.
Anyone else ever take Ambien and have a memory blank?


Are you taking Ambien or Ambien CR? There have been a lot of reports of sleep-eating with people who take Ambien. Not sure if that applies to the CR version or not.

I've taken ambien in the past and it never worked the same way twice with me. One time I took it and within 20 minutes easy child had to help me up the stairs to bed because I could hardly walk. Another time I took it and it did nothing. I know I'm an oddball when it comes to medications, but that freaked me out and I won't try it again.


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I take it and I've never had that problem. But as you can see from the fact I'm writing this at 2:45 a.m., it doesn't always work ...
Well, I only bit it in half. I should take a whole one.
So sorry... sounds like you'll have to find something else to take.
Good luck.


Not Ambien CR. He gave me samples of the CR..asked me to try it. Haven't done so. Afraid if it releases slow will I be able to wake up if I needed to?
Obviously the Ambien would of been dangerous too. If I had to go do something, I maynot remember it!


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Ambien is a hypnotic sleeping medicine. You are not supposed to take it and then go out driving! You take it when in bed, about 20 mins before you intend to fall asleep. Give yourself approximately six to eight hours to sleep. You can wake up if needed but you shouldnt go out driving around because it is a prescription medication and that is considered driving under the influence.

It should work fine if you use it appropriately.


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I have seen a special on television and read an article about
Ambien. Evidently it is a dangerous and not uncommon side effect
for people to "function" in a blackout state. It is especially
dangerous if you have had any alcohol. Regardless of the reason
you had that experience, I would suggest deep sixing it.

by the way, I'm glad you didn't have an accident! DDD


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I take a half of one almost nightly. Can't sleep through the night otherwise. I'll wake up after an hour or two and then can't go back to sleep. I've never had a problem with it. It used to have a quicker effect, but there is a generic now and that does not have the same quick effect that the Ambien had. I just want to be able to sleep through the night and that provides that for me.

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DO NOT DRIVE ON AMBIEN!!!!! It can completely knock you out in 10-15 minutes. It can cause sleep walking and talking. When I have taken it in the past I make sure I take it while upstairs near my room. I have fallen asleep on the stairs trying to get to my bedroom before.

Also, I had a boyfriend a few years back that took it. He would talk in his sleep when he took it. Then I realized I could ask him questions and he would answer. It was like truth serum. :rofl: The next morning he knew that I had been questioning him but when it was happening he couldnt' stop himself from talking. :hypnosis: It was great.



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Ted Kennedy's nephew did. You aren't supposed to take them unless you are ready for bed. Next time, your difficult child should go without after you have taken the Ambien. That is extremely dangerous!


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My difficult child was given Ambien samples by her psychiatrist (while she was still 17) even though he knew she was a substance abuser. I didn't know that she had them.

She took two before she left work so she could "sleep" when she got home. I was on the phone when she came in and I could tell something was not right. She went back out to her car and then came in and told me that she thought someone had hit her car while she was at work. I went out to look and found that she had sideswiped something and damaged the entire passenger side of the car. She claimed at the time and continues to claim that she has no memory of hitting something on the way home. To this day, we don't know what she hit.

I was furious and called the psychiatrist and asked why he gave a known substance abuser sleeping pills. He said that it wasn't his fault that she took them and drove. :hammer:

I still shake at the thought that she could have killed herself or some poor innocent victims.

Be careful with Ambien!



My doctor prescribed Ambien for me. It did what is was supposed to do, with nothing wierd happening in my thought processes, awake or asleep.I did get a rash from it and was only able to take it that one single time.

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My sister takes Ambien. When she started taking it she slowly began gaining weight and really wasn't making the connection between the drug and all the empty bowls of half finished ice cream and cereal under her bed! She was sleep eating. Seriously. Sometimes she would wake up and find that someone had made an elaborate three course dinner of chicken over night in her kitchen, complete with salads, main course, dessert and wine! by the way, the size of the bowls of ice cream sundaes were the same bowls she used for family sized salads.

She won't tell her DR because she needs something to sleep - if she didn't at least have the ambien, she'd have lost about 6 years worth of sleep by now. I suggested Lunesta. The side effects associated with Ambien do not generally occur with Lunesta. The only downside of Lunesta is a slight metallic taste in your mouth upon waking. But just brush your teeth and it's all good.

I have used xanax to help me sleep. It's not so much staying asleep that's my problem as it is turning off my brain and falling asleep and that's where xanax helped me.

I would strongly suggest that you speak with your dr about this and see if there is not a better medication for you. Good luck!