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So, what'd y'all think?

I thought Sanjaya actually did way better this week.

I thought J-Lo was great. I'm so glad that they have some more current stars being guests on the show.

My fav....Jordin. I liked her and Blake and Chris Richardson.. Melinda was third....something about her performance just wasn't slinky enough for the song. Still, she's the best.

The judges said LaKisha looked like she was having fun....I didn't think so. I didn't see a smile on her face at all. I didn't like that performance at all.

Poor Haley....I think she's going.

I really liked Phil Stacey's performance, crack and all. The thing about him is that I have to close my eyes. I can't watch him.
Dancing....I loved that they brought Drew on.. That was my all time DWTS performance, when Cheryl and Drew did the "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy" How cool was it last night?


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i missed both darn it!

i was just happy to find out i was right about the dwts hostess being pg! she just looked too filled out compared to her normal anorexic look! husband laughed at me when i said that at the 2nd episode!


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My husband recognized Drew before I did and then we both sat there smiling ear to ear. What a combo they made! We really impressed
that he "still has IT" after almost two years. It was fun!

We still don't have one favorite couple. Maybe after John and
Clyde and Heather are gone it will be easier to concentrate on the remaining couples. We don't "know" any of the leaders so there is no attachment..they all seem great.

The A.I. show last night was rather weird. I like J-Lo and thought she did a good job of encouraging etc. But..almost every contestant seemed like they were trying too hard to be
Latin. Melinda's voice is terrific but there is no way she can
pretend to be a sex symbol. The large girl had way too much of
her chest exposed, so it was distracting. The dress, hair, etc. looked great...just too much boobs! I felt sorry for Haley as
she seems to be darned if she does and darned if she doesn't. I
don't care for Phil as a performer but he looks like he would be
a great guy. Jordin was the only one that impressed me.

by the way, I did watch the Bachelor and found myself aghast again at
some of the choices the women made. The Bobsey twins...OMG!
I can not imagine letting myself act like a nut case knowing that
television cameras were on all the time! The guy is a catch! DDD


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #333300"> i don't watch AI at all.

DWTS was different thie week. first usually the passe doble is assigned to the mem contestants & this time it was laila & leeza's dance.

joey did the passe & got the season's first 10 YAY!! he's my favorite.

len reamed them all out for not putting in enough time rehearsing & it did show in their dancing & was reflected in the scores. apolo did a wonderful waltz. did you know his partner is only 16 (or so i've read)? everyone else was mediocre. i'm sorry leeza got sent home...i really like maks.

we'll see if the harsh criticisms will result in better performances next week.

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I thought that I read somewhere that she was 18 and engaged. She was on the DWTS tour this year so I don't think she could have still been in high school.

I agree that Joey and Apolo did great. I also liked Ian and Cheryl's dance.

As far as AI, I was very disappointed last night. So my great surprise, I thought Sanjaya actually was one of the better ones.

Who would have thought???

Update ~ I just checked the dancer's bios on the abc website and it said that after graduating from high school, Julianne moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of dancing. So my guess is that she is at least 18. I couldn't find her actual age, though.

Another one that didn't LOVE last nights AI. I usually can really get into Latin music but they just didn't do it for me last night.

Cracks me up that Sanjaya was one of the stronger performers! I loved Jordin, think she could sing the telephone book and make it wonderful!!! :smile: She's that good!!

I was disappointed in Melinda and Lakisha's performances. LOVED Blake and Chris. Liked Phil, but just can't look at him when he sings, not sure what it is about him.

Poor Haley, I really think she will go tonight, great legs or not! LOL!!

Till tonight,


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Joey and Apolo were great! Im still not watching My boycott is still in effect. Maybe I will watch next season...maybe not.


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WAAA- I missed AI....and I got home just in time to see Drew leave........ :sad: :sad: I missed seeing MY ALL TIME FAVORITE DANCE..... :mad: :crying: :hammer:


Hopefully tonight there will be short recaps on AI so I can hear Sanjaya do well... :faint:

Suz :princess:


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<span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #003300"> thanks, kathy, i thought 16 was a tad young lol. truthfully i'm still missing ashley. yes, i know she's happily awaiting the birth of he first child, but i miss her!!!

suz, what's your favorite dance...the passe? it will be interesting to see if they up their rehersal hours this week after the judges' slamming.

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My all-time favorite dance is the Drew-Cheryl freestyle "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy."

Honey, find me a cold shower!

(fortunately I have a link to a site where I can see it whenever I want :rofl: )

Suz :princess:


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I'm with you Suz, that was my favorite too. Very hot and steamy....Save some water for me

My favorite is the Paso Doble. It's incredibly sexy and really shows off the guys hips (**wiping sweat off the brow**). I like it better when they do that dance toward the end of the show, when the dancers are at their best. When they do it too early in the show, the guys just can't pull it off as well.


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I was fine with the vote off for American Idol. I would have been fine with her or Phil, but I can't believe Chris was in the bottom three :frown:

As for dancing with the stars, I loved it. That song is the ringtone on my cell phone. I recorded it and watched it three times last night :smile: I love Big and Rich and the dancing was awesome!!



What is the link to Drew and Cheryl's dance?! Back in season 2 when they did it I screwed up--I was supposed to tape it for a friend of mine and I did something wrong and it never recorded! I so want her to see it and also would love to see it again myself!



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If all of us thought Drew was hot, hot, hot....I wonder how his
marriage is doing? I always feel sorry for people who try to stay normal but end up being the major subject of lust. You'd
have to be quite a man to avoid all the sweet young things who
dream about Riding. DDD
Finally, America got it right, Haley needed to go. But, still am shocked Sanjaya is still there. Is cracking me up that everyone KNOWS he doesn't deserve to be there, all the jokes and stuff. So glad that Chris didn't go, I was beyond shocked that he was in the bottom 3, I think he is HOT! LOL!!!!

Till next week,


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DDD, I don't think that Drew is hot...but I do think this dance is! Holy Moses! The last I heard, his wife had the baby and all is well.



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Thanks Suz, I always like watching that again.

I think that Stacy Keibler's Samba was the best Samba ever. I watched that again. That was week five.