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Brandon – Sang Can’t hurry love……Karoake and he forgot the words. I like him. I’m waiting for him to get better.

Melinda – Sang With Home? I don’t think I’ve heard that song before, but I got goosebumps when she sang it. WOW. How cute about the high heels and dresses comment, huh?

Chris Sligh – My Love. Other than the fact that the melody was a little weird, especially with the Cold Play in the beginning, it was okay. At least he’s trying to be original.

Gina – Love Child. I agreed with Simon. I liked it, thought it was a good song for her, but it wasn’t WOW!

Sanjaya – Ain’t no Mountain High Enough. Too slow. Hair was a mess. High school play….need I say more?

Haley – Missing You. I actually liked it. It was a shame she forgot some of the words. Finally, she sang something really well. She has been too “bubble gum” for me. Reminds me of Debbie Gibson, but last night was good. I was glad that Simon said something nice.

Phil – I’m gonna make you love me. Good, but not WOW. I just can’t get into him.

Lakisha – God Bless the Child. Very good.

Blake – Set me free. Too slow. I didn’t like it as much as his other performances, but like Chris, at least he was trying to be original.

Stephanie – I think she should have dressed a little slinkier and sing it as she was walking out. I thought she sang it really well and I didn’t notice that she forgot words. I don’t think the other woman outsing her, like Simon says. I think she’s really good.

Chris R. – The Boss. I have never heard that song. I kind of agreed with Simon, that it the vocals weren’t that great.

Jordin – If we hold on together. She is amazing. I thought she did a great job. She has got a Wow from me.
Yep, Jordin got the "wow" from husband and I last night. She "brought it"!!

I enjoyed Melinda, Lakesha and Stephanie but not quite as much as past weeks.

Hayley surprised me, even with forgetting her words and getting all teary, I thought she did pretty darn well.

I enjoyed the night but think some of the song choices were a bit lacking. I adore Diana Ross, so I am looking forward to tonight's performance by her.

So, I pick Sanjaya to go home tonight, PLEASE GO HOME!!!! Unfortunately, Hayley is on the chopping block as well. I can see her maturing and getting better if given the chance. But, let's face it, with Melinda, Lakeshia and Stephanie in there, can't quite see Hayley beating any of them.

I hope Chris Sligh makes it through tonight and that his fan base is forgiving enough to allow him to keep going.

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Well...I still am a Lakesha fan! I like Chris S, I just didnt like the arrangement of the song last night.

According to dialidol and their busy signal rating, here is the order of the people:
Melinda Doolittle
Lakisha Jones
Sanjaya Malakar
Jordin Sparks
Phil Stacey
Stephanie Edwards
Chris Richardson
Haley Scarnato
Gina Glocksen
Chris Sligh
Blake Lewis
Brandon Rogers

I cannot believe people are still voting so heavily for Sanjaya. Makes absolutely no sense to me.


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The dialidol site uses a 2.58 margin of error so there is basically a statistical tie from Jordin on down. That's why it predicts that any of those can be voted off tonight.

Looks like Sanjaya is safe though which is so unfair. I think Loth is right that it is because of

As the weeks go on and there are fewer contestants it is easier to predict the bottom idols. I don't think dialidol has missed the final winner yet.



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Im wondering if vote for the worst is using those automated dialers. If so, AI does have the technology to remove those votes I have heard. They should do so.


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You are all much kinder than I am. lol.

I thought Melinda and Lakisha were wow, with Melinda outdoing "KiKi" again. I love Jordin and think she has tremendous range and vocal ability, but is still more immature than the other two in putting it all together. In time, I think she could be the best.

I really like Stephanie. She reminds me so much of Beyonce. Put Beyonce's extensions on Stephanie, and I really think they resemble and sound a lot alike. I don't think she has much of a fan base, unfortunately. According to AOL, she is second from the bottom, unless that changed since this morning. They showed (again, this morning) Brandon at the bottom.

As for the guys, I still think Chris Sligh has the best voice, and I like Blake because he's different. I thought the rest of them were awful - to the point that I lowered the volume on the tv. lol.

I saw the same Dialidol thing too, but thought they gave all those from Jordin on down an even-steven kind of rating, where it could be any of them from #4 to the bottom. That doesn't really tell us much, other than ... Sanjaya is third?????????? Puleeeeeeeeze.

I have been advocating for Idol to set the computers up to only take one vote per phone call all along. Even in the past, some were kept in (and even won) because of block voting, which really isn't the "American public" voting. It's a shame. THey have and will reuin the show if they continue.



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I about melted when they said that Lakesha was called Our little Kiki "sings" along to the tv when AI is on and it is the only night we let her stay up past her bedtime because she loves it so Maybe we have a budding American Idol in the making! If so, she got her talent from her Papa, not her daddy cause he is like me and cant carry a tune in a bucket.


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I don't get the whole Sanjaya thing....... :hypnosis:
Who could possibly want him to win? :hammer:
Melinda is the only possible idol among the lot of them. :bravo:

Did you see Sanjaya's body language as he was walking back to sit down. You could just tell, he really thought he should be the one leaving, not Brandon. I just don't get it! This voting thing is so not fair. Not that Brandon had a prayer to win this thing, but Sanjaya should have left LONG ago!!!!

If I can look half as good as Diana Ross does at her age I will be beyond thrilled!!! OMGosh, she is so beautiful. Of course, we all know she has had some help, but YOU GO GIRL!!!!

Who is the guest/theme for next week? I think I missed that. Or the medications are making me forget, lol!! :slap:

Till next week,