Hey Y'all


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Hello everyone,

Just checking in to say hi. It has been a very long time since I posted. Things are going fairly well. J is still sober-ish. He drinks and is making an effort to stop. He has slowed down significantly. My definition of sober-ish is no hard drugs. My hopes are that he can stop that completely as well. Thanks to this group, I still have healthy boundaries. He has been living in his own apartment (an hour away) and at the same job for 7 years since he found sobriety. I wasn't shocked when he started drinking but disappointed. He has found a girlfriend that I HIGHLY approve of. They will be moving in soon together. She is a sweet positive girl, who is his age, educated, and gainfully employed.

His attitude has improved. It was already good, but now there are some settled-down actions behind his words. I would have never thought I could be as well adjusted to minding my own business and detaching with love.

I truly believe in this process of peer support. You all have changed my life for the better. I just returned from a trip to Georgia to see a friend. Her daughter went through a horrible addiction, and shortly after J recovered (about 6 years ago). I was able to help her through it by sharing everything I learned here. It was so cool to see her daughter. who is 5 years sober and has just earned a drug counseling degree.

If you are reading this post and new to the site, have faith, and stay plugged in because you will learn to take your life back and love your Difficult Child with healthy boundaries. I look forward to the day I can use the word sober-appropriately. It will happen, with or without me.

Love and Hugs,