And another one bites the dust

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by hearts and roses, Sep 21, 2010.

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    This great job that difficult child acquired by accident working at a local tow shop...the prior young woman went on a bender for a few weeks and because difficult child's boyfriend works there she's been filling in. She completely reorganized an otherwise messy office and the immediate boss really liked her a lot. The hours were ideal for difficult child and she thought that she was about to be taken on permanently and we were all very happy.

    But last night she texted me and told me that the higher boss is going to take back the other girl and give her another chance. Good for her, but not so good for difficult child. I am bummed and difficult child is not happy either.

    difficult child has been there for about a month and were thinking that they would hire her for sure. I guess the other girl said she's in some kind of treatment and is ready to come back. It's mind boggling because the immediate boss told difficult child the whole story and how this other girls lied to them about Dr visits (they checked on the story and the Dr confirmed he'd never treated her) and that they had reliable sources tell them that she was on a week long bender, etc.

    So, I'm hoping that something else comes up fast for difficult child - or - the other girls bails again! Hahah - evil.
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    Hmmm. Makes you wonder if the other girl is perhaps a member of higher up boss's family. (could be a niece or something) Is very doubtful a business would want to give the girl a 2nd chance after leaving them high and dry AND having been caught in a lie/lies.

    Odds are.......other girl will bail again. Tell difficult child to keep her chin up and wait it out if possible.

    Darn it all.

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    I wondered the same thing Lisa...she must be related to someone if they are giving her another chance after everything she pulled. Oh well, I just feel bad for difficult child a little bit because she finally found a job she truly enjoyed, was good at, and fit her perfectly! I don't wish anything bad to happen, but hopefully things will all work out they way they are supposed to...if that means the girl bails and difficult child gets the job or something else comes along that suits difficult child. I can see she's feeling a little low this morning, knowing tomorrow is her last day. Job hunting bites.
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    What a cute title to your post!
    I can relate to the our difficult child has significant problems holding down jobs.
    Almost always it is something she has done...but once in is another situation.
    That is likely the case here....and it is unfortunate.
    Sounds like she did good things there and perhaps in the future, they will give her a call, if nothing else, than for temporary work. Or like Lisa said, the other girl will mess up again and they will call here. Anyway, it was good experience for her and a likely reference.