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    Another razor blade in the mouth. :hammer: :nonono: I can not believe he got a hold of another one. I realize difficult child 2 is good at getting his hands on things but how is it with these harmful items that the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) knows he will try and do things with they don't watch for them better. :hammer:

    Was it not 2 1/2 months ago that we had the call for him swallowing one. Now husband calls tonight (they didn't even call us about it - another thing I am angry about :grrr: :grrr:) to see how he is and sure enough he is locked in the "control room" because he had a razor blade in his mouth then tried to cut staff with it. :smile:

    Well can I tell you how excited I am to hear this. Not at all. We had the neuropsychologist appointment on the 3rd and on Friday we go to the reg psychiatric appointment on Friday for the rest of the evaluations. I can't even begin to tell you how frustrated I am. :crazy2:

    The :censored2: in his mouth swallowing and threatening to swallow is old. No one can figure out why he does it except attention. Well yippee. So what we wait to do something about it when he incapacitates himself or worse. I don't think so.

    I can tell you the phone will be a ringing in a couple of offices later. I know I can't control his behavior so that is why we are getting help but blast it I want him safe at least. Is that really too much to ask.

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    Gosh, Beth, you never get a break, do you? I'm fuming for you! :grrr:

    If I'm not being too forward, are you happy with this placement overall? Do you have any say in it? I know that a lot of issues need to be addressed with your difficult child, but the staff almost seems incompetent when it comes to his safety.

    I was in a psychiatric hospital (easy child term is behavioral health unit...that term annoys implies those with mental illness have a choice over it) for 5 days twice (August, 2002 and March, 2003) for severe depression and when I asked for a razor to shave, a nurse had to be in the bathroom with me. She handed it to me in the shower and then I gave it back when I was done. I know that kind of oversight might be hard in a long-term facility, but when you have a kid with a history of this kind of thing...

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    Sigh....... :crazy2:

    Really don't know what to say this morning other than keep copious notes - I may need them for one tweedle or the other in a few years.

    by the way, there really isn't much you can do if difficult child choose to incapacitate himself. He will find a way if he's that determined. And that is the frustrating & sad part of these types of illnesses.

    Detach yourself emotionally if at all possible. It doesn't pay to feed into this level of irrationality (manipulation?).

    I worry for you - there's too much going on. Have you & husband figured out anything for your holiday together? Some time alone together?
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    Goodness Beth. While it would be nice to be able to address his need to do this kind of stuff, that's really secondary to how on *earth* he's getting ahold of the razors! If we could control our kids' behaviors, life would be much easier for sure but that just isn't how it is. I expect Residential Treatment Center (RTC) staff to control the physical environment. Absolutely *not* too much to ask, at all.

    Sigh... frustrating. Hope you're able to get some answers and they will be able to give you a better plan for keeping things out of his reach.
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    Beth, do you EVER get a break?

    Christmas present suggestion for difficult child 2: wet/dry battery operated shaver that can be used in the shower. Honestly, I wouldn't care if he looked like ZZ Top as long as they kept him safe.

    The staff is a pack of idiots if they're handing him ANYTHING that he can pop in his mouth, knowing the way he does these things. There should be a red flag on his chart stating the same.

    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts!

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    Beth: do you EVER get a break?

    Christmas present suggestion for him: a wet/dry battery operated razor that you can use in the shower. Honestly, the fact that those knuckleheads let him get his hands on ANYTHING that he can pop in his mouth is totally irresponsible considering his history. I wouldn't care if he was walking around like ZZ Top if it meant he was safe!

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

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    I may be really going out on a limb, but if difficult child has a history with this whole razor thing......Why on earth are they letting razors anywhere near him??

    Many gentle ((((hugs)))) Beth.
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    I'm so sorry. This must be so frightening for you. There's no question that if he is bound and determined to get things like this, he will find a way. That is the biggest tragedy -- you can only protect someone so far.

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    I hardly know what to say. Offering all the strength, love and support I have to you.

    Prayers your way.
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    Just sending big hugs...........I don't know what else to offer that others have not already said.
    Hang in there, and know we are thinking of you and your difficult children, and sending strength your way.
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    I was thinking the same thing as others - if they know he's already done this, why are they not razor-proofing every area he comes in contac with? Why are these things not locked up?

    I can't imagine how scary this has been for you.

    Sending many hugs,
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    Very scary! How infuriating that he is able to get a hold of a razor at all. Hugs.