And the newest IEP meeting...


Shooting from the Hip
Was... EASY?

SpEd and SpEd Director and Science teacher were there along with Pat, husband and me.

They AGREED to the changes we requested (accomodations in ALL classes to include PE, Health and electives; more communication from teachers (to parents); preferential seating; AlphaSmart (they're doing netbooks next year, woot!); pre-teaching; and assumed extra time for tests instead of waiting for him to ask - he won't, thinks he's bothering people).

They had us sign only that we attended, initial the handwritten changes and they're sending the typed copy home next week for us to sign.

They listened to our concerns. They built Pat up on things he's doing well. They suggested things he can do on the not-so-great stuff.

This is the FIRST IEP MEETING EVER that Pat has not ended up in TEARS! He was SMILING!

I'm floored. Unfortunately, this SpEd won't move to the other building with him next year. Grrmph.

...And the SpEd Dir asked about Belle, too.


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Amazing! It's a shame we cant get the ones who work well with us to stay with us.

Glad to know Pat did so well.