Another cat story.

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Abbey, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    I love my cats. They came from the shelter in a package of three. They had names...Kayla, Tonka and Rascal. After the first week they got renamed as I couldn't remember their names so I went by personality. Now there is Mama, kittie (not very creative there) and...well, here's the story.

    Rascal was appropriately named. He IS a rascal. He ended up being called 'fattie.' Don't mean to offend anyone, but he is. I also call him 'fainting goat,' or FB. He LIVES to see me go into the bathroom. As soon as I do, he knows how to open the door. He'll come in talking up a storm then promptly sit on the scale next to the toilet. I know he's 24 pounds. If I reach down to pet him he drops to the floor like a fainting goat.

    Now here is the other name for that rascal. He's Superman. He can open any door, cupboard or box in the house. This cat can JUMP. I watched him one day leap his 24 pounds from the kitchen floor to the top of the fridge. He will jump and jump at a door handle until he gets it open. I'm getting a tad nervous as it has warmed up a tad here so I leave the main door open. He jumps at that glass door constantly. I'm going to have to start locking it.

    The last thing that the rascal does is jump onto me in the middle of the night when I have a full bladder.:tongue: Not pleasurable. Whey he can't jump onto my legs...head...anywhere else is a mystery to me.

    These three furry friends have been more of a comfort to me than words can describe. H gets upset when I multiple times during the day just sit for one minute and pet one of them who is crying for attention. I think they're better than the anti-depressant I am taking.

    Love my kitties.

  2. donna723

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    They sound like an interesting bunch. And I'm so glad you got them from a shelter!

    He must be an ENORMOUS cat! That's more than two of my dogs weigh! When we first moved here to Tennessee, when the kids were little, we inherited a little mama cat. She soon had a litter of kittens - two boys and two girls. My son was only two at the time and he named the kittens Sarah, Louise, Charles and Andrew, after the little characters in his favorite book. It wasn't long before Andrew was twice the size of the other kittens and he grew up to be a gigantic cat. He would sneak into our bedroom late at night and hop up on the dresser. We never heard him. Then he would take a flying leap off the dresser, launching himself several feet across the room and would land on the bed, usually right on my stomach! It was like having a bowling ball dropped on you from about ten feet above, enough to knock the wind out of you! And while I was flailing around in a blind panic and gasping for breath, he would be nuzzling my face and purring as loud as he could. It was a pain in the butt while it was happening but Andrew has gone down in family history as one of our all-time favorite cats!
  3. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Rascal has some personality. :D

    Shadow was our door opener. Bruce acts like his name......he thinks he's king. lol I have a baby gate at the bathroom door so Betsy can't "clean" the litter box. Bruce could easliy jump it, and he used to be able to squeeze through the bars. But he waits for you to open the door of the gate for him everytime. lol

    According to research......cats and dogs are great treatment for any sort of depression.

  4. ML

    ML Guest

    Thank you for sharing this, Abs. I am so glad you have them. I believe they are our angels. Manster and I want another furbaby but husband is still grieving pretty bad for Mr. K so I told him to wait before bringing it up. But you know how much patience our kids have :)
  5. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    ML...I thought about your family and loss. Please do visit a shelter. Lots of loving kitters out there. You know, elderly cats are easy to bring into your home. They just like a nice lap to lay in.

  6. TerryJ2

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    LOL!, Abbey! Cat's seem to sense when humans' bladders are full.
    Wow, Rascal is quite a character! Do you write nonfiction or fiction? He'd be a great star in his own book.
    I love animals. :)
  7. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    I write just about anything that comes to my mind. (Scary thought.) Never thought about a cat story, though. I just got suckered in to three wonderful elderly cats that have been such a pleasure. I know they won't be with me long, but hope to make their lives better as well as mine.
  8. susiestar

    susiestar Roll With It

    I just adore cats. My fave pets. When I was in elementary school we were taken over by a cat. We had the door open so our dog could go in and out with us kids one day. A little bitty grey cat came in. I mean LITTLE BITTY. She was the light of our lives for her short life - even of our dog's life!! She was too little to open doors and things, even when fully grown, because she was born with kidney problems and never got very big. She taught our dog how to open the kitchen drawer that we had the pet food and treats! F (the dog) would get it open and then pull out some of the cat food and drop it on the floor. Sara would eat and Friday would get into her dog biscuits. we saw them do this once or twice and it was so cute!! Sara ran away one day when the vet came to see her because she had been very listless. (Our vet had a van made out for surgery and exams and spent several days a week doing housecalls.)

    Right now Gracie (my little black cat - more husband's than anyone's, really) is at war with husband's CPAP mask. She loathes it. She will get right up to his face and try to undo the velcro and push it off of him. It is fun to watch, LOL!
  9. AnnieO

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    I'm definitely a cat person too... We had Arwen and Thorin when I was very small - Arwen I don't remember well, but Thorin was my grape-juice cat. He was a love. Then there was Ticky (don't ask), all-white but not albino - her teeth never fully grew in so we hand to mash wet food around the sides of the bowl so she wouldn't eat too fast. She was mean, but we deserved it (well, I did - I was mean to her, cutting whiskers and fur...)

    Many others in between then and now, but I have to say the lovingest is Weasel. Although lately Possum and Squirrel have been very attention-craving...

    All my furbabies have had talents. Thorin could unscrew the top off my bottle. Ticky opened doors (round doorknobs). Weasel climbs walls - and I am NOT kidding, I think she's related to Peter Parker. Possum is one HECK of a mouser - and he's fat and waddles when he runs (not when he walks though).

    Squirrel is our watch cat. Had a stray walk through the front yard. husband went out, and Squirrel slipped out behind him and ran the stray off. Freaked husband out - because Squirrel took off down the street. A few minutes later she came trotting back, head and tail up, almost as if to say, "HA! Got rid of it." Went right to the door. (She's NOT an outdoor cat...)