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    difficult child usually is not anxious, but wow today and last night have been crazy. He was playing with the neighbors yesterday afternoon and got whacked/poked right underneath the eye with a stick. Came home upset, but not out of control. His eye was swollen, but he opened it ok. I looked at it and it was a little red, but not too bad. Later in the evening he was so upset he was crying and starting to hyperventilate, could not go to sleep, and anytime I said anything I was yelling. I was not yelling, tho I felt lilke it. He woke up the same way this morning, but now refuses to open his eyes!! He says it hurts and if he opens one eye the other one will open too. I did not send him to school, as he is not in the right frame of mind for that. He opened the sore eye enough for me to get a little look, and it is red but not bad. I think it is anxiety, and it is crazy. I am trying to not buy into it, he made his way to the bathroom and then stood in the hallway screaming as he could not see. I hope this stops soon. I was going to work tonight to pick up extra hours (badly needed) but the way he is acting I can't. husband does not deal well with this type of behavior at all.
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    And changes to the medications or dosages?
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    He could have scratched his cornea.....this is typically pretty painful. Try patching the sore eye closed for 24 hours with gauze/tape. This way he'll open the other eye and also allow the hurt eye to heal. (24 hours usually does it!) Let him be a pirate for the day!!!
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    No changes to medications at all. He won't let me patch it as that requires tape, so thank god it is almost Halloween, I can go to Wal-Mart and buy a pirate patch. MM-no changes in medications but lots of changes in life. We are moving in with my mom (financial reasons), so we are packing and it is very stressful. I wonder if it relates to what is going on in life coming out sideways.
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    Can you have him checked out by the pediatrician to assure him that he's OK? Eye injuries like that can be very painful, even if they're not serious.

    I'd guess that all the changes in your life are making difficult child anxious. Most of our difficult children don't do well with change.
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    Now, 2 hrs later, he is fine. He has been keeping his eye open and there is barely any redness left. seems much more in control of himself also. He should be ok to go to school tommorrow, but today will be a mental health day.
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    Even small scratches to the eye can be very painful with-great sensitivity to light. If he doesn't continue to improve, I'd get him to the doctor just in case.....
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    It sounds to me like conjunctivis could be developing. That is hard to see at that stage for the observer, maybe a little red and nothing more, but can feel like grit in the eye. And it DOES improve during the day, to be worse next morning again. You can get it in just one eye but it can easily be spread to the other eye. It is highly contagious.

    If it is conjunctivitis it will soon be crusty in the mornings and if it gets worse it can glue his eyelids shut (warm wet facewasher will help, but don't let anyone else touch the washer afterwards - microwave the wet washer in a plastic bag then let it cool, to kill any bugs). Bathing with saline is also good - you can warm it if you like, either by holding a plastic ampoule of it in your hand or sitting the ampoule in a cup of hot water. Using an eye bath - could be a bit confronting for difficult child, but if you can persuade him to, then saline at body heat will be the least uncomfortable - more comfortable than water. The saline to use - sterile, should be available in plastic ampoules from a pharmacy, labelled "0.9% NaCl", "0.9% saline" or "0.9% sodium chloride". It's also about 0.15 Molar, if they use molarities instead of percentages. You half-fill a small eye-bath, lean over and hold the eye bath to your closed eye, straighten up and look up (with the good eye, the other one has an eye bath held to it!) then open the eye which should now be covered in warm saline. Blink a few times to get the saline all over the eye, to wash it. Then tip forward to remove the eye bath without it all going everywhere.

    I remember getting conjunctivits when I was a kid. The first attack really scared me because I couldn't see - my eyes were glued shut and I had no idea what time of day it was. I remember screaming in panic, until my mother explained what it was and helped me bathe my eyes. Next morning they were completely fused shut and I had to feel my way to the bathroom and grope to find a washer. I finally washed enough gunk off to be able to force my eyes open (removing a lot of eyelashes in the process) to find it was only 3 am and too early to get up. I went back to bed again and when woken at 6 by my mother, my eyes had again fused shut.

    Since then I've had this enough times to know that what I remember, was a really bad dose of it. When it comes on slowly you often don't get to the crusty granular eyes.

    If the eyes aren't crusty they still can get weepy (clear rather than opaque) and this may be viral rather than bacterial.

    difficult child 1 is on the tail end of treating conjunctivitis with antibiotics - he developed a dose of it a week ago.

    Or talk to a pharmacist, if they can help. It depends on what you're allowed to buy over the counter. Here, we have to see a doctor to get the antibiotic ointment.

    Red conjunctiva can also be from rubbing eyes or crying a lot. But to be sore like that - it could be a scratch, too.

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    When "the incident" first happened difficult child walked calmly in the house. The welt is clearly under the eye. There is no drainage, he rubs the eye a lot so it is red. 2 hrs later he had his melt down, so much crying he almost hyperventilated, this went on for 1-2 hrs. So now add the crying to the rubbing and it is more red and swollen. The next morning the behavior contintues for 20 min untill he is so tired he falls asleep for 2 hrs and is fine when he wakes up. No drainage or discharge from the eye, no problems seeing or opening the eye. It is still kinda red and swollen (as of last night) but not bad. Then he was complaining of a head ache, He said it felt like his head was gonna pop, not a head ache because of the eye thing.

    The eye itself is fine, what was out of whack for him was his response to it. He has never freaked out like that so after the fact over an injury. Usually unless there is blood it is not too much of a problem. Maybe it was extra scary because it was his eye.