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    Kinda new to the site. Was active a LONG time ago and now back. I have a 15 yo son with ADHD, ODD, mood disorder, anxiety, depression and Learning Disability (LD). He has very limited executive functioning due to his Learning Disability (LD). He recently had a 5 week hospitalization for 3 suicide attempts and escalating defiant behavior at home and school. He is verbally abusive to me, very defiant and huge anger issues. He went from hospital level of care to a CBAT for 1 1/2 weeks and now is in a DMH respite bed at the same place he was at for CBAT. It has FINALLY been agreed upon with the school that he needs a therapeutic school, but getting that together is a process. The clinician at the group home where he is isn't sure home is the best place for him and he may be one of those kids who does better in a program because I can't provide what he needs as far as a therapeutic setting. So we have a systems meeting on Tuesday where the DMH representative will be. He is aware of the clinician's recommendations and said he would explore options with his boss.

    Anyone have experience with placements in Mass.?

    Thank you.
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    No experience in Mass, but in terms of looking at what's available out there, you can check on the Mass Dept of Ed page for sped programs (you can also do a search on sped schools rather than programs)

    I'd recommend doing this so you have a feel for what is available and what the target population is for each program.