Any Guinea Pig owners here?

Hi all,

We got Aly an adorable, long haired, black and white baby Guinea Pig she named Oreo, for her 10th B'day. She is 9 months old and been hand raised and is very used to being cuddled, brushed, and handled.

I have grown up with Hampsters, Pigeons, Doves, all sorts of dogs, cats, bunnies, fresh and salt water fish and a few Hermit Crabs, but never raised a Guinea before.

Any advise would be wonderful. So far, she love her cage, her hutch, her food, her toys, but LOVES being outside her cage, preferrably being held close and getting her tummy rubbed. She is not too brave yet, won't move around much on the floor, just wants to be snuggled. We plan on getting her one of those ball things they like to run around in, to keep her safe from getting under furniture, or God forbid, one of the cats getting a hold of her. So far we are just keeping her in Aly's room and Aly LOVES knowing she is near by, just in case Oreo needs her, LOL!!

husband was beyond amazed, as I do NOT do RODENTS of any sort, usually. But this little gal has hair that drags the ground, she looks like a little mop with legs! She has such a cute personality, isn't "rodent" like at all.

Anyways, any info anyone might have to make this a successful home for Oreo would be great!


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I think you and Aly are going to have a ball! Guinea Pigs make such fun pets. And it sounds like you've got a really sweet one.

Most Guinea Pigs don't like open spaces so will stay near furniture or a person when out of their cage. Ours had a blast in it's plastic ball. And there is a playpen type set up you can get at the pet store so it can be taken outside to be in the grass. Of course you'll have to stay with it. Nichole has it for her bunny, but the bunny has already outgrown it. lol

Make sure you buy the things it needs to chew. I think they are the wooden sticks. Otherwise you might have to have it's teeth filed at the vets. We treated ours to fresh veggies and fruits every once in a while. Don't know if it's good for them, but ours sure enjoyed it.

We didn't get to keep our Guinea Pig too long. Turned out Melissa was seriously allergic to it and we had to find it a new home.


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It's been many years since I've had a guinea pig, but here is a little of what I remember. They love to be cuddled. Being on the floor and free to wander is not really a favorite guinea pig activity, just make sure they have a roomy cage. I've never heard of a guinea pig ball. Those are more of a fun activity for hamsters but I could be wrong.

You do have to careful that they are not dropped or squeezed too hard. They really are very fragile.

The last guinea pig in our household lived 7 years.

Hope this helps a little.
Great advise! They do have the plastic ball roaming toys for Guineas, they are about the size of a basketball, too funny!! We will just wait and see on that one as so far her favorite activity is eating, sleeping and being held.

The breeder we got her from gave us several types of "toys" for her to chew on. She doesn't much care for the "chalky" type adorable icecream cone toy. But does love the "tinker toy" looking wooden toy and has one nearly have demolished!

Her name came to Aly so easily, as Oreo looks just like an Oreo cookie! Black head, white back and black back end. All that hair cracks me up. And she LOVES being brushed, I was shocked! If you leave the brush lying by her, she moves over to it and tries to groom herself. Aly and I were totally cracking up!



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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Just_keep_swimming</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Great advise! They do have the plastic ball roaming toys for Guineas, they are about the size of a basketball, too funny!! </div></div>

Oh dear.

Please, oh please don't use these. I know they market them for guinea pigs and even show a guinea pig on teh box, but please don't use them. Guinea pig spines don't bend that way easily.

THere are some great guinea pig resources out there on the web. My favorite two are Guinea Pig Cages and Guinea Lynx.

Both of these sites recommend much larger cages than you are used to seeing, but they also have a HUGE amount of information on cuddling, floor time, feeding menus (they need veggies) and various health and enrichment resources.

We have two guine pigs in the living room on a large folding table in a homemage cage. Rosa and Takame are vocal and sweet parts of our family. Hope you enjoy your piggies too.



My girls have guinea pigs -- A has two and M has one. In addition to the pellet food bought at the pet store, every morning we feed them fresh veggies -- we rotate lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, snap peas, green beans, etc. We tried strawberries, and they left them in their food bowls. The pigs also get Timothy hay every morning, which was recommended by and bought at the pet store. We were also told to put Vitamin C drops in their water bottles.

Good luck with Oreo. We have a lot of fun with our "girls."


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Oh, forgot how vocal they are. Ours would squeal every time the fridge was opened. We thought it was cute. Guests weren't so convinced. :wink:
Thank you sooo much! Great links, will read them more closely and with Aly tomorrow. I like the open on the top cages, just worry a bit about our indoor only kitties. Thanks for the info on the ball thingy, won't waste the money on it if it will hurt the poor little mop on legs. She is so cute, already coming to us when we call her by her name. Probably coincidence but Aly thingks she knows her name. She makes the sweetest squeaks, we just love to have her on the floor with us and she "talks" away!!

Thanks again!!


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Our guinea pig started in a cardboard box. At that time, the household was 4 cats and 2 large dogs. Patches stayed in cardboard boxes for two years. It was easier to throw out the box than it was to clean the cage and my daughter was not too good at doing either.

During the cardboard box era, the cats would stick their paws in the box to try to bat Patches. One cat discovered that guinea pigs have very sharp teeth ($200 vet bill for the cat's paw). None ever tried to jump into the box with him.

So, if you want the open cage, I'd suggest you try the cardboard box first and see what happens. Line the bottom with the puppy training pads, add whatever you use for normal fill on top of it, drape a towel over one end so she has a hidey place and then you can see how the cats behave.