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Discussion in 'Substance Abuse' started by maril, Apr 21, 2009.

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    At some point after my son's discharge from the dual program he is in, he may have a probation officer (awaiting hearing/charges were filed) for the first time. I am curious to know if others think this will help in keeping things under control once he comes home. He has been off substances for weeks, is undergoing therapy, and seems somewhat better. He is not on any medication at this time.
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    Well I believe it is always good to have some legal assistance in case things go down hill. Maybe they wont. It sounds like he is on the right track. The probation officer always tried to make sure my son was following the program they had given him and it gave him something to think about. It sometimes was something tohold over his head. They can and will assert their authority if they need to. Just my thoughts - my son has had three probation officers!
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    Thanks, stands. Your response is very helpful. Due to what was going on in months prior to his admission, I am skeptical about things being different/improving once he gets home. I do give him credit for making strides in being able to communicate better in a calm manner.
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    I'm going to be honest. My daughter was never taken out of the home, but she was on probation twice. It didn't stop her from doing drugs. She just hid it from me better. Now that she is clean we talk about those days and she said being on parole didn't do anything, at least not for her.
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    Thanks for your honesty, MWM.
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    It really depends on your son and the PO. Over the years we have had three and one was terrific. One was new and "didn't have the stomach for it" so he quit. The one we have now is very pleasant and somewhere on the dumb as a stump spectrum.

    Once the kids do drugs and hang out with other druggies they, in my experience, are not afraid of PO's. So it is just like choosing to either do or not do drugs. They can choose to conform or not. It's frustrating and scarey because we know they are smart enough to make the right choices but.......the ball is in their court. I hope he wants a better life. DDD
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    DDD: Your description made me laugh ... "dumb as a stump spectrum."

    Ah, yes, something for me to think about - "Once the kids do drugs and hang out with other druggies they, in my experience, are not afraid of PO's."

    It is scary; I know ultimately he has to choose to seek a better life on his own.
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    My sweet looking daughter had the PO eating out of her hand. I think he thought she was cute :sick:
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    Oh...geez! My son can be a sweet talker; it takes some awhile to get to know his M.O.