Any suggestions? Work problem


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There is a young man I work with who is having trouble learning his job. The other workers are his peers and are pretty brutal to him. Makes me cringe. They make fun of him behind his back, even one of the younger bosses.

He knows he is struggling and tends to get mildly defensive. I would like him to succeed. I work with him tonight. Any ideas how to approach him? I would like to give him some responsibility and gently tell him that he should relax and he doesnt have to rush. If it gets busy I will take over so he doesnt panic.

I have jad similar problems with jobs and feel deep compassion for him. He doesnt drive because of PTSD. Last time we worked together i gave him $3.00 for a cab. He is from New York and had no clue that cabs here are so cheap. He took the Three bucks but walked home and the girl who saw me do it was quick to tell me he took the money but didnt use it for a cab

I dont really care. I feel he was so nervous he probably forgot I gave it to him. But this is an example of how his peers are jumping all over him. Although she meant well telling me (I love the kids I work with).

At any rate, suggestions?
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That is so kind of you to take him under your wing.

I think that just one person being kind and trying to help him will make a world of difference to this man.

I probably would also say something to those that were harassing him such as "he's having a hard time; give the guy a break!".

Shame them because they deserve it!


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You're a kind and compassionate soul SWOT.

Perhaps in a quiet moment simply sharing a little bit of your own history and how it made you feel and how you overcame it. What most of us want I believe is to be seen and heard. You have a presence, a solid stake in the here and now and that comes across to folks.....just being you is likely enough......but I do get wanting to help him to succeed.


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I had a really good time working with him. I found that he gets very anxious and getting him to relax really helped. He did GREAT!

I am very he is one of my own kids. He is a nice young man. I need to talk to my young co workers to try to appeal to their better natures and not pick on him. I did share that withthis young man under pressure I tended to choke.

And its true. I do much better at jobs when my co workers are kind. And so does he.

I look forward to the next time we work together!


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You are a sweetheart! I am sure you made a WORLD of difference in this young man's day, if not his week. I hope talking to your other coworkers helps also, because it can be so hard to be picked on like that, especially when you are anxious. Having someone stand up for you can make a world of difference.

Shame on that one young boss for going along with the crowd and bullying him rather than doing his job and helping the young man! The young boss needs to be taught that a true leader NEVER does that, never needs to make someone else feel small. They lift people up to get the best performances.

I am amazed at your cab prices. I couldn't get 1/8 of a mile here for $3. I am not sure they would even move the cab for that amount. It is wonderful that you can get a cab for that price. I wonder if the young man kept the money because he is so broke he doesn't have money to eat?


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Thanks, Susie. Its actually $3.50 to anyplace in our city.

You are always so kind. I am very compassionate toward any underdog. My compassion for others is probably what I like the most about myself. I am not perfect by any means and I know that. Just ask my ;)

I dont know or care why he kept the money. Im the one who responds to "homeless" signs with food and sometimes money. If he is broke, he can have it. Working with him, I did not see him as somebody out to rip me or anyone off. He does have a girlfriend and I assume she lives with him by what he has said. I dont know if she has a job or not.

I am going to talk to my co workers. I know they like and respect me and often confide in me. But, you know, I have no control over what they do. I can only try and I will. As for the young boss, i like him too. A bunch. He is still learning. I am going to leave him alone. He has not said anything to this young man to his face. Or to me. It was relayed to me from somebody else. Its not my business. I want to encourage this young man but without causing other drama. I think it will get better for him in time. He is a very hard worker and that will matter most in the end.
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