Anybody ever hear or see this????!!!!!! UPDATE

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Thank you everyone for the advice and concern.
We did not go to the ER last night, I couldnt get difficult child to agree to go, he is almost 21 years old so I finally said the decsion is yours but will you come to the doctor in the morning he said yes.
He was examined and the doctor has diagnosed Reynauds Symdrome here is the description I copied that he gave me.

<span style="color: #3333FF">This is a condition in which the smallest arteries that bring blood to the fingers or toes constrict (go into spasm) when exposed to cold or from an emotional upset. Smoking cigarettes or working with vibrating machinery also can cause these episodes. The small veins are usually open, so the blood drains out of the capillaries (KAP'ih-lair"eez). The result is that the fingers or toes become pale, cold and numb. If there's a spasm in the small veins and blood is trapped in the capillaries, the fingers or toes turn blue as the blood loses its oxygen.</span>

For now he said to keep warm, watch for changes and of course stop smoking. We will go back next week for blood and an oxygen check.


For the past few days difficult child has had bluish lips that almost seem to have a white trim, he had said he vomited earlier so we thought it would go away, it did for about 1/2 a day but now today they are blue again and now he says his hands are cold and he has a pain in his chest.

He did just start a new drug program, but the more I read about it is appears to be a lack of oxygen in the blood. He does smoke cigarettes too.

Has anyone ever seen or heard of this? Can I call his PMD in the morning or do you think he should go to the ER?



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>I agree with Wiped Out, if you can't get the Dr, head to the ER. Better to be safe. Blue lips aren't good.</span>


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I would take him to the E.R.

Not to scare you, but to raise seriousness, my easy child has congenital heart disease. There are times when he is out of breath or over exerted that his lips are blue or purple and his hands and feet are cold.



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I'm with the others. Definitely get it checked out sooner rather than later. In the ER it's quicker and easier for them to test his oxygen saturation. It's one of those clips they put on a finger, it fits like a clothes peg. No big deal, quick and easy.

But you reminded me of a scare a young friend of mine had, that was both amusing and embarrassing (in a way, I hope your concerns can be managed as easily!)

This friend of mine found herself rushed to hospital from school because she was feeling a bit faint and the teacher noticed her face had a bluish tinge. In the hospital her oxygen sats tested out as normal and she felt better - she began to think the faint attack may have been due to watching a film of dissection in biology class, but the doctors were still worried about her bluish tinge, until someone wiped her face - and it came off!

She had no idea how she had got anything like this on her face but the doctors were thinking she had faked it all, when her mother finally arrived, her hair freshly touched up with a blue rinse (to take the brassiness out of her bleached hair). Turns out mama had been fresh out of the bathroom, hair still wet, when she kissed her daughter goodbye before school (continental style kiss - both cheeks and a hug). Daughter got a face full of still wet blue-rinsed hair and the family got regular visits from DOCS (Aussie CPS) for a few weeks until they were sure it wasn't some weird cry for attention. (Mama is a bit weird, too - but harmless. I love her to bits).

So, my question - is there any faint chance he's been sucking on the end of a biro? Even a lead pencil will do it. If not, then definitely get it checked out. It may be nothing but it's best to make sure, ASAP. If there is something physically wrong it could be an easy fix if it's dealt with fast.