Women rarely have the same dramatic symptoms of heart attack

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    I read this piece the other day on a site that often unintentionally spreads urban myths. Naturally I took it with a grain of salt so I checked it out.
    Confirmed as TRUE by Snopes:
    There are a couple of errors which they point out. The most important is the implication that one kind of heart attack typically afflicts men while another kind strikes down women. Heart attacks don't discriminate by sex — men and women alike can (and do) experience both sorts.
    There is another version of this email which also propagates the myth that drinking iced water with meals can increase your heart attack risk. This is absent here but THAT part is is false.

    Marg's Man

    The text of the warning follows. It is the author's words not mine hence the American flavour of the story.

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    I never had chest pain. I hate when they ask me if I'm having chest pain, because the correct answer as to what they want to know is yes; but I'm not having pain in my chest.

    I also had *a lot* of burping and abdominal distension.