Anyone been sued because of a difficult child?

I am told that difficult child kicked another child in the head yesterday at camp and that the child ended up in the hospital with a severe concussion. It is not entirely clear to me how this incident occurred. difficult child cannot tell a story in any kind of coherent fashion and the camp director couldn't tell me the complete sequence of events, either. With difficult child, fantasy gets mixed with reality and other events to the point where you cannot say with any certainty what transpired.

I am horribly stressed about this as I am scared blue that the other family will sue us. Surely people here have had similar occurrences with their difficult children, so please tell me what happens. Does the other family go after the camp instead of me? Do I get served with some multi-million dollar lawsuit nine months after the event? Any ideas?


My difficult child was goofing around after school with kids. He "accidentally" kicked somebody in the face. Broke his nose.
It was on school property and he was taken back into the principals office until he could be picked up. (two years ago)
I was afraid of the same. I even called my insurance guy. (close friend of family) I was told that I could not be sued if the other boy was goofing around too. It would have to be proven that difficult child did it maliciously. Nothing ever came of it. Not sure if laws are different regarding situations like this. Try not to worry about things you cannot change.


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My son hit another boy with his cast when he had a broken arm. I cant remember exactly what happened to the other boy but this happened at school and supposedly a juvenile charge was lodged but we never heard a thing about it. I think Cory was around 7 at the time. The other child was tormenting him, calling him names and pushing him around and Cory swung back. Not right but thats what happened.

We didnt get sued and it would have done no one any good to sue us because we had nothing.

Isnt your son under 7? I think there is something about that age and even having the ability to know they are doing the wrong thing legally. Call your homeowners insurance if you are worried.


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I suppose it is possible. Homeowner's insurance kicks in. I would just document everything now so you do not have trouble remembering the chain of events.


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I was not sued, thankfully, and it was not something my difficult child did, but my dog. He attacked one of my difficult child's friends, and severely injured his arm. I was worried sick that I would be sued. I, fortunately, knew the Mom, and I made a big deal about doting on the sick son. I made him cookies, ordered balloons, etc. I also had to put my dog down because of the severity of the attack. I think all of these things showed this woman I was super sorry - and endeared her to me - causing her to not have the desire to sue.

My only thought would be if you could do the same for this little boy. Not sure is it is an applicable idea in your situation, but I thought I would at least share.


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My difficult child stabbed another kid in the chest with a pencil when he was 12. I paid for the ER visit, Xrays, pain medications, and f/u visit. We took back our son's Xmas presents that year to make an impression on him. He hasn't hurt another person since then (he is now 22).

I am so sorry! It was so embarassing - my son was in tears and very sorry for what he did. However, it did not make the crime go away. We were very fortunate that we could do this. It made a big impression on our son.