Anyone blog? IF so where?


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I've thought about blogging, mostly just for me, for a long time. Any cheap sites? Most of them seem to be pricey and since I'm not trying to make money or gain a huge audience it seems kind of silly to put out the money. It would kind of be like a journal without names or locations online because I'd rather keyboard than write (lazy, I know).

I did try one last night, but I'm having trouble with it already. Ugh. That might just be ME.


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I only do this site.

I love it here.

But I spend way too much time here.

I will read on your blog, if you do one. I think part of the reason this site has such integrity to it though is that we are all here for our kids. No one has an ax to grind. Many times, those who go looking for an online site present with hostility.

One time?

I went to an aquarium site?

And there were people on there talking about sex!


So I pretty much just stay here, where I know and feel safe and comfortable with who the others of us are.

I wish you well with it, though.



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Actually, I'm here more for my ex-family than my kids. The two who got into trouble are doing well and that includes my two precious grands and I could leave as I rarely need advice on kid talk anymore. But the thing is, I love it here too. You are one reason. This is sort of a blog for me.I also like to try to share experience I had at one time. People helped me. I like to give it back.

Sex on an aquarium site??? LOLOL. Ok...please tell me it was not about the fish...gross!!!!