anyone catch supernanny last night?


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I'm sick, and I fell asleep before it came on. It was about a family where the older son (7yo) has ADHD, and the younger two kids are picking up some bad behaviors from his example. I'm so bummed that I missed it. It sounds so much like my family. Did anyone see it? Did she have any decent (or bad) advice?


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I saw most of it. She mostly told the mother that she needs to do alot of positive praise, remember that her son cannot help his behavior and that she shouldn't take the outbursts personally. The husband was pretty bad -- he would come home from work and disappear upstairs, leaving the mom and the kids and not even greeting them when he got home. Typical "I worked all day I need some time to myself" stuff from him. Supernanny made him pay attention to his wife and kids. The mother was also pregnant and needed downtime, which the husband was not providing.

She also had the mom do a 'collage' of her son which included all of his great qualities, so she can remember those when she started to lose it....


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Miche summed it up well.

Is it just me or do others on this thread enjoy watching the show? I guess it makes me feel like I'm not the only one with these types of problems.

My sister and I are very close, but she still thinks that if I parented better or implemented more punishments, then my child would be better behaved. She watches a show like that and thinks it's partly the parents fault.

I've changed so much since I had kids. Never thought it would be like this, but it is what it is!


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I saw the show. I thought it was quite interesting how she told the parents to use more of an explosive child approach to discipline rather than the normal way she goes at it with average kids.

I am a huge fan of the nanny shows.


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I don't care much for the other one, what is it Nanny 911 or something, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE watching Supernanny, and I just wish that she would show up at my house sometimes!!! But aside from that, I have learned so much from watching her shows and I did miss that episode as well, our difficult child had an explosive evening...


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I saw the show and once again, she made it seem much easier than it is. She has good ideas, but to bring out miracle changes in such a short time is unrealistic. I did love the collage thing though, and need to do one for both my kids, a difficult child and pre-teen girl. Enough said. :smile: But, knowing my ADD self, it will never get done.