Anyone else cry over tv shows? Im a wuss.


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I have decided that I am the biggest emotional sap on the planet. I cry over tv shows and commercials. Now that might not sound so odd if I watched lifetime or any cable stuff with those really romantic shows...but Im talking about crying over normal tv.

I find myself just sitting there with tears streaming down my face while watching such things as Law and Order SVU, Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, Shark, Numbers, and other assorted cop dramas. The older FBI agent, the lead one, on Without a Trace just brings me to tears so often. The look in his eyes just makes him seem like he has the weight of the world on him.

Everyone here at home thinks Im such a wuss because I cry over this

Anyone else do this or am I just really over the top?


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Yes, I do. All the time. Not the specific shows you mentioned because I do not watch them. But, I am a sap!


difficult child used to stare at my when I cried. It drove me nuts. I actually held back many tears through the years due to her stares. It was sort of creepy.


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I cry at everything. Seriously.

I cried at easy child's Christmas concert this year. I cry at TV shows all the time. News stories sometimes. Commercials. Even while watching AI, sometimes the emotion on the parents faces is enough to make me cry.

husband has a field day making fun of me. I used to try to hold it back, but that lump in my throat was killing me - I just let it flow now! :sad:

I have to say that I cry when I'm happy, sad or mad. Guess I'm just a bubbling cauldron of tears waiting for any opportunity to let it loose. Hee hee. You're not alone, Janet!! :wink:

Pass the kleenex, please.


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I cry at t.v. shows, I cry at parades too (thank you Donna, I really thought I was the only one!!!) and the biggest way to get a cry out of me is bagpipes. The very sound of a bagpipe has me crying!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style="color: #3333FF"> sappy lifetime movies, tv shows (grey's, brothers & sisters, with-o a trace)....just about any tv show can get me teary. i'm a first class sap lol.

</span> </span> </span>


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>I used to RARELY cry at husband would have tears streaming down his face and I would be dry eyed......with age comes more knowledge and feeling so I tend to cry much quicker these days, but have learned to steel myself after 24 years of dealing with a difficult child.....I tend to save my tears for when I am alone and very few people have ever seen me cry.....</span>


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Oh - I totally forgot about Extreme Makeover - that gets me everytime, too.

I have cried at soap operas before - they just suck you in - and sometimes the actors really can act - lol.

I also cry when I hear the Marine Corp. Hymn - my dad was a proud former Marine. When we were kids and went to a parade, he would jump out of his lawn chair so fast to stand as the Marines passed by that he'd almost knock the chair over.

I love to laugh, but apparently, I love to cry, too. lol


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LOL about the Marine Corps Hymn. I well up when I hear that too. My dad and son both are former Marines and the day we saw my son graduate boot, everyone cried. Including Cory!

I also get misty-eyed over anything remotely patriotic. I am a blubbering mess on the All these web pages that have patriotic messages and songs about the troops...Im sitting here crying over them.

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I'm a big wuss, too.

But I never cry in front of other people. If I do, whatever made me cry is really serious...... usually because I'm enraged, not sad.

I think I learned as a kid crying was a sign of weakness one dared not show in my family.

So my tears are shed inside where no one can see. So, yep, I'm still a big wuss. I thought I was the only one to get emotional over stupid commercials. lmao Never makes me want to buy the product, but will get me all the same.

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Yup Yup Yup I cry all the time, I cry at commercials I cry when I see homeless people, I cry for no apparent reason at all. Songs on the radio get me all the time. I just cry



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Ya know what commercial used to get me so badly....

The kodak ones that say something about "the time of your life". I would watch those and just cry. Especially the one about the brothers visiting as adults. OMG...I always thought I would never have grown kids who would have a thing to do with each

I realized one day after the boys were grown that I had got my kodak commercial moments. The boys may be a pita to each other but they do love each other.


I guess I'm just cold. :rofl:

Extreme Makeover Home Edition is very touching. But if I see those guys on there cry one more time, I'm going to scream. I had to quit watching it.

I used to cry very easily over things. It takes a lot now to make me cry.

My mother, however, used to cry when people picked the right door on Lets Make a Deal - or whatever it was called. Some commercials make her cry.

There is a song that makes me cry. It's by John Michael Montgomery (I think - I don't usually listen to country). I can't remember the name, but it's about a little girl whose parents were abusive and the dad killed the mom then killed himself and she was taken to a foster home. When she goes to church she sees a picture of Christ and explains that he was with her when she hid behind the couch the night her parents died. I'm not very religious either, but that song makes me cry - not just cry, sob - everytime I hear it.
Heather, I know the song you mean. I also don't remember the name of it but it gets me bawling every time I hear it.

There is another song (country) by a female singer, I have NO idea who, called "Streets of Heaven". It's about a mom singing to God, after her little girl died, asking him to keep an eye on her and hold her hand when she crosses the street in heaven because she is so young. I can hardly listen to it.

Garth Brooks' "The Dance" is my all time crier. Reminds me of my DEX, and how we shared so much life and then split. And how on some level, I will always love the SOB. I start crying as soon as I hear the first few notes of the song.

Sheesh. I'm crying now just thinking about the song.


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Lordy...if those two songs get you, how bout that song "Alicia Lies"? I cry over that all the time. I also cry over all those songs about the troops. Especially there is one about I made it to Arlington. Sob
Alicia Lies, I forgot that one. Also Rascal Flatt's "Skin".

And yes, troops songs get me every time. I even get choked up at Lee Greenwood's God Bless America. I sang that at my church the past 2 years on the 4th of July, and it was tough trying to hold it together.