Anyone ever tried accupunture for themselves?


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I have been in a slump for about a year now, where I am SO TIRED. I sleep every chance I get and never ever feel rested. I have been to the doctor several times and have been tested for all kinds of things. I eat healthy, take lots of vitamins, but I'm always so pooped out. I force myself to excerise but I just don't feel right. I am going on a holiday in Mid July and I want to feel good for it. So tonight I'm trying accupunture. It takes a few visits to get the effects, but I hope it works for me. Has anyone tried it? What did you think?


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My sister swears by it. She has done it for years, and cannot go a week without 2 or 3 sessions. She says it has calmed her irritable bowel, relieved her migraines, and quelled her anxiety problems. We cannot go without a phone call (she lives 2000 miles away) including her acupuncturist and how he has helped. I say more power to ya! I hope it helps.


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I have gotten some help from acupuncture, but only fo rmuscle spasms and pain. But I didn't ask for help for the exhaustion. Give it a few sessions, it is painless and can't hurt.



I am not quite as enthusiastic as Sequoia's sister, but I am on my fourth year of more or less weekly (sometimes biweekly now) acupuncture due to a very serious automobile accident. I "only" had soft tisssue injury--from my ear to my lower back but it was very severe...

A combination of acupuncture and carefully directed exercise for muscle strengthening has helped a lot.

I think you should have test run for thyroid function and other things because fatigue usually has a cause. I find that since acupuncture reduces pain, I sleep much better and therefore am less tired. However, if I am getting enough sleep, I do not have problems with fatigue, so I really can't say what it would do for fatigue alone.

by the way, it does not hurt at all.

Good luck with it--I hope it helps