Anyone from North or South Carolina, Alabama???

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Jody, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Jody

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    I am looking for a state to move to. I cannot take the cold with my Fibromyalga anymore. Looking for any information on jobs and housing, rental rates. Not moving for a year but just getting an idea from people who live there.
  2. DaisyFace

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    LOL, Jody! I don't know if South Carolina will be too cold for you! It snowed a couple of days ago and it has not yet been warm enough here to melt all the snow off my lawn!

    But feel free to PM if you have any specific questions...
  3. PatriotsGirl

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    I am in Georgia and I absolutely love it here. Though, I have to say with Daisy that it has been cold here, too!!!! The thing is about the south is that the colder season is shorter. We are originally from Massachusetts - we know cold. I'm sorry you deal with that - my mother in law has Fibro, too. :(
  4. Jody

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    what is the economy like in Georgia right now. Are there any jobs? I am an Administrativre Assistant in Illinois and do lot's of clerical work. Fibro is definately unpleasant and I am looking for some relief any way that I can get it. Warmer longer sounds great!!!!! It's scary to move so far away, but I want to feel better and my youngest daughter can't stand the long winters either. She gets very depressed when the seasons start to change to fall, and then winter it's worse.
  5. DammitJanet

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    I live on the border of NC/SC and I have fibro so I am probably a good person to talk

    We do have winter here but we dont have the long winters like up north or in the midwest. When we get snow, it is here for a day or 3 and then it warms up and melts. Schools and businesses get canceled if there is even a hint of winter weather but you better be ready ride out a Not really. I do know that when I worked for the county, they didnt let us leave work until winds were at 45 mph and we were considered emergency personnel because we had to work the Red Cross Shelters. Dumb huh?

    Now the winter weather does depend on where you move in NC or SC. If you go into the mountains, you will get colder weather.
    The east coast gets milder weather. For your type of work, and dealing with the temps you want, I would look towards Wilmington, Myrtle Beach, Charleston, maybe Columbia, maybe Charlotte, maybe the Raleigh area. Fayetteville is lovely. (Im right down the road from there!) Savannah GA is a lovely town too. Im not big on Atlanta because it is so huge...another reason Im not a huge fan of Charlotte. The roads in Charlotte are horrible. Wilmington and Myrtle Beach are great places with wonderful things to do even if they are summer resort towns. If you want a less summery place, New Bern NC or Morehead City NC are great. If you can get hired on by the county DSS, you should make pretty decent money to stay in NC in any of the towns I have listed for a single parent.
  6. hexemaus2

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    I live in Georgia too...over on the GA/SC border. The economy isn't too bad. Gas runs around 2.65-2.70 a gallon at the moment. You can buy a home in a nice neighborhood for around $150k. Unemployment is under 10% last I checked. Unfortunately, admins don't make too much here. Around $8-10 an hour in the private sector. Executive admins and office managers make a little more. Unfortunately, where I am (around the Augusta area) there aren't too many job opps unless you're in the medical field or have medical admin experience. Some of Augusta's biggest employers are Medical College of Georgia (MCG) and other local hospitals (University, Trinity, Doctor's, etc) or other jobs in the medical industry. However, you also have a lot of large industrial complexes like E Z Go, Proctor & Gamble, and ClubCar...but most of those folks hire through temp agencies, even for admin/clerical jobs.

    I'd recommend taking a look at each states Department of Labor website, as well as information you find on the Bureau of Labor Statistics website in terms of state-by-state information and job outlooks.

    In terms of weather...we don't get cold like up in NY, NJ, etc. However, we have high humidity, so summers are brutally hot and sticky and the winters, while much shorter and lacking the snow, are still biting because the air's so damp. Nothing like back east or up north, but it's not like Florida, where you can still have 60-70 degree weather in December and January. (Then again, we don't have the high cost of living like Florida.)

    My folks live in northern Alabama, near the Tennessee border. Where they live is a high-tech town, near Red Stone Arsenal. The economy is not as bad as other areas of the country, but they still have limited job prospects, just like us. Higher number of jobs in the paper and such, but also a higher population, so it works out the same in terms of competition for jobs. The hourly pay is a little higher, but so is the cost of living. Not a huge difference, but a little. However, the area around Huntsville does have more variety in terms of the types of companies. Most of it is high tech, military-related stuff. (The Space & Rocket Center is in Huntsville, plus the Arsenal, NASA, companies like Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Intergraph, SCI, etc.)

    Hope that helps a little. :) Good luck finding a better clime for your fibro!
  7. DammitJanet

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    Our cost of living is lower than what Hex just said. A decent house can be had for much less than 100K in Wilmington, Fayetteville or even Conway SC to work in Myrtle Beach. Now if you want to live on the beach in Myrtle Beach...well you will pay out the nose. Rent will run you about 400 to 600 in NC for a decent 2 bedroom if you arent looking for Luxury living but normal.

    Charleston just got a new Boeing plant.
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    I'm from a small town on the coast of SC---between Charleston and MB. The economy here is on the rebound---lots of jobs for qualified people. Housing is reasonable, utlities are low, and the although we have some cold spells, the winters are not too bad. Summer is hot, hot, hot. I love my small town---historical seaport small town America.