Anyone know about FAFSA?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by slsh, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. slsh

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    So thank you's telling me that because he's unemployed, he's still considered a "dependent" according to FAFSA, and they want our financial information. thank you is on his own, on SSI, and we did not/are not/will not be claiming him as a dependent again.

    Does this sound correct?

    I'm seriously not crazy about giving out financial info.

    Thanks! I know you guys know the answer to this. ;)
  2. KTMom91

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    As I remember, FAFSA wants parent info until the kids are 24, but there are criteria for children who do not have parental financial support. You can check the website to see exactly what's needed.
  3. svengandhi

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    I don' t know the answer to that one but I do know that I have called FAFSA's 800 information line and gotten good answers. I would call them if the website doesn't explain it all. thank you may be right because the government's goal is to put as much of the burden of paying for college on the parents as possible and requiring us to keep them as dependents until age 24 (I think marriage or parenthood or court ordered emancipation can change it) would do that.
  4. DammitJanet

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    For the most part I think they want parent info but in the case of thank you who has been out of your home, on his own self support for so long, it is a moot point I think. I would call the program but I do believe that because he gets SSI and your income isnt counted in that, your income shouldnt be counted in his FASFA info. Frankly, he does not live with you. Why would you be paying for his education?
  5. flutterby

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    A has been out of her home since high school graduation and is employed. Her parents haven't claimed her as a dependent, nor have they contributed to her income in any way - not even to help buy books for school. Yet, she still has to have their info for FAFSA.
  6. katya02

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    Our oldest son had to include our info for FAFSA and he's 24 and has been out of our home for a few years ... it's crazy.
  7. DammitJanet

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    I think the thing that may be different is that thank you hasnt been a dependent in years and would not be considered a dependent under any stretch of the imagination. He has been emancipated by Social Security. Let me go see what I can dig up. Witz had something she found when her son got it.


    1. the student is an orphan (both parents deceased) or ward of the court or in foster care at any time after turning age 13, or was a ward of the court until age 18; or
    2. the student is/was in legal guardianship; or
    3. the student is/was an emancipated minor; or
    4. the student was an unaccompanied youth who was homeless or at risk of being homeless on or after July 1, 2009; or
    5. the student has special and unusual extenuating circumstances that can be documented for his or her college financial aid administrators, who may then request a 'dependency override' on the FAFSA application. (Note: Exceptions are granted very rarely and only in extreme cases.) Students should contact the financial aid office at the school they will be attending for additional information.
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    My 25 year old son has not lived with me for years, has his own apartment,job,Easy Child. and until he turned 25 I had to provide my financial info. I believe his being on SSI might make a difference but I'm not sure. I agree with the post that said call the 800 #, they are very helpful. FYI though, my 22 year old applied for FAFSA and I had to include mine and my husband(his step-dad's) income and he got the aide.
    Good luck.
  9. slsh

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    thank you was our dependent until last year's taxes. Even though he didn't live here, was on SSI, and the stated funded his placements, we were still responsible for him. I'm still paying off one of his medical bills. I'm thinking there's not going to be a way to get around FAFSA requirements.

    I just have a gut feeling it's going to be a really bad thing to give him access to our financial info, or even an idea of our financial situation. We're blue collar so we're not talking millions, or even tens of thousands LOL, here, but... just my gut saying don't do it. He still doesn't have a piece of paper saying he's got his GED (oh, you should hear the excuses), so he's "redoing" that this fall, allegedly. Since he's back down in our neck of the woods now and is planning (you know, plans plans plans) on attending local comm. college, I think we're just going to offer to pay for first semester and *if* he passes all classes, we'll keep paying until he can apply for FAFSA with-out our info. It's not like he is going to take a full course load so... I think it's just better to go this route.

    Thanks for the info - Weeburt is going to be hitting this stage in another year or so.
  10. JJJ

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    Have you called the school? They might be able to get the info from you directly and not allow him access.

    And, you are not legally obligated to provide that info.
  11. svengandhi

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    Sish -

    I file the FAFSAs for my kids. I input all of the info and do not give them access to my income information. I do it online and set up a parent and a child account as it requires. I find it offensive that my children know what I earn so they don't. My parents never shared that information with me. I tell my kids that I earn what we need and not that much for extras and that's all they need to know.