Anyone know about the newer pacemaker technology?

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    <font color="purple">On Friday my niece Molly, whose 16 and a REAL sweetheart wasn't feeling good. She's an excellent student who helps her dad out at his tanning salon after school. She's the perfect daughter! in my opinion! Anyways, she asked her dad if he could take her to the ER because she wasn't feeling well, he thought she was being a typical teen and said no she had to go to school. Well she walked herself up to the ER. One nurse came in, checked her vitals. Another nurse came in and checked her vitals then when the doctor came in and did the same thing, Molly's like "Is there something wrong?" Yes he replied.</font>

    <font color="purple">See, when Molly was in Kindergarten her mother, my baby sister, would lie awake watching Molly sleep. She would find her skin icy cold night after night. Well, after taking her to some specialists at the Children's Hospital in another province, it was discovered that for some reason Molly's heart wasn't beating as it should, so she eventually had to get a pacemaker. Talk about a scary thing, right?</font>

    <font color="purple">Well, when the doctor told Molly that something was wrong, her dad was called immediately. He must have felt stupid for not believing her but that's neither here nor there, just a normal parent thought really, right?</font>

    <font color="purple">Today Molly, her mom and stepdad arrived at the RMH close to the Children's hospital. Tomorrow she goes for some tests, echo, stress and even the dentist. On Tuesday they will probably operate. I am thinking my baby sister must be going crazy with these thoughts of being terrified. Molly is her only daughter. I want to stay positive and told Molly to have faith and everything WILL be alright. She went offline just moments after we talked, she said she was tired. She's been getting dizzy, that's what happened on Friday too.</font>

    <font color="purple">I have heard of many new technologies since Molly got her first pacemaker so many years ago. One is inserted in or near the bellybutton and another one could be inserted at the same incision as the last one, but moved slightly. They say this newer one will last at least 20 years.</font>

    <font color="purple">Has anyone had any experience with these or know of anyone that you can ask how things went. I am so worried. I love Molly, she's just a bright ray of sunshine! Everything was just starting to go good for her. I feel sad!</font>

    <font color="purple">BonnieJean</font>
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    I don't know anything about the newer pacemaker technology. I just want to let you know that I'm thinking of you and wishing Molly a speedy recovery!!! Take care. WFEN
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    I'm sorry I know nothing about pacemakers other than the doctor wants my Dad to get one and keeps telling him the surgery is very safe. But I will keep your niece in my prayers and please let us know how she is.

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    WFEN and Nancy, thanks for the good thoughts. I have to assume, something I hate doing, but anyways, have to assume that Molly's surgery went okay this morning. I have no long distance on my phone so I am unable to call her. I've been trying to call her cell, but it keeps disconnecting me. ~SHRUGS~ Anyways, nobody else in the family has heard anything either. But my sister, Molly's mom, did add me to her new msn account. But unfortunately it's late and she's already went back to the RMH for the night or gone to bed. Oops wait there she is...update coming!

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    OMG...Molly is good and the operation went fine. She says Molly has a few tests tomorrow morning but she's okay. Ohhh I am SO relieved.

    Nancy, technology that is used now for pacemakers is amazing. Molly got hers the same year my mother in law got hers and ironically they both had to have their batteries replaced within months of each other. But they are both OK...I am just so relieved. Molly was so scared. She's 16 of course she was scared and her mother, well I asked her if she was okay and she said she is now....

    Thanks be to God, what will be, will be!
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    That's great news! :warrior:
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    That's wonderful news :smile:. Bless her heart, she's gone through a lot in her young years.

    Maybe I can convince my Dad to get his.

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    That's great, Bonnie Jean! Thanks for updating. I know you must be relieved to hear that it went well.

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    So did they get any closer to figuring out what's really going on in the heart? Was the surgery just to replace the pacemaker? If so, it doesn't go deep, it's not considered major surgery. Though of course I have no idea how deep it would have been put years ago.

    I believe one of the other advantages of the newer technology is that it can be adjusted from the doctor's computer. So if it needs to be faster, slower, stronger, etc it's a computer button rather than surgery. Don't know if they did that years ago.