Anyone know who sings..



a song called "my hero" or "you are my hero" Not by Bett Midler.
There is a very special occasion coming up for my easy child. He is my hero, and I would like to dedicate that song to him if I can only find out who sings it.

Story short..I was headed no where fast when i became pregnant with easy child. He made me realize that he deserves the best. I went back to school, got a good job. We had rough times, and we had scarey times..together. If it were not for him, I don't know if I would still be here.
Now easy child and difficult child...12 years apart. easy child put up with a lot. colic, ear problem, all gfgness. Yet i checked difficult child's phone the other day. The worst day of the week for me and difficult child.(well bad week all together). difficult child had a text message from easy child. It said, "are you alright. Call me anytime. I love you". So apparently difficult child must of called him sometime in the midst of our awful day.

easy child has difficult moments, but he truley saved me 25 years ago.


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The trick is, try and remember an EXACT string of words somewhere in the song, paste them between double quote marks into a Google search and add the word "lyrics" at the end, outside the quote marks. I don't know this song so this is what I got just from the extended title.



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Maybe not the hero song you were thinking of, but what about the song You lift me Josh Grobin? Don't know all the lyrics, so could be too lovey dovey, but I like the refrain...