Anyone see CSI Miami last night?

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    I just watched it on and was SHOCKED at the slickness of the kidnapping. A couple ran up on a crowded walkway yelling "She's got our baby! Stop her! My baby!" and the crowd responded, someone restrained the mom carrying the baby in the car seat and let the "nice" couple take the baby and go. Then, when the real mom is screaming hysterically it takes anyone a while to respond, to say, "Hey, lets call the cops and let THEM sort it out, even look for photos in the mom's purse with the baby - in EITHER woman's purse.

    It just made me think of all those days with a fussy baby, or crying toddler, when it really COULD have happened. Not sure WHY, except that EACH of my kids was amazingly adorable LOOKING and so totally fussy and cranky at times. They COULD be charming, well, except for when they had colic, but there were predictable fussy times with each of them, each day.

    anyone else see this and wonder why NO ONE suggested calling the cops to let THEM sort it out, or ever have a time iwth their own kids when the cranky kid made everyone stare at you, and you thought, jeepers, how would I prove this kid was mine if someone stopped me right this minute??

    (Maybe I had more of those minutes because all the hoopla about the babies switched in the hospital where it wasn't discovered until they were 10 or so and one of them had died? Or maybe it was all the years living in Cincinnati where you really really HAD to be paranoid with small kids - we were advised by a NUBMER of sources not to let kids up until they were 10 (TEN years old!) to go into a bathroom by themselves? Or just me being wierd?

    Anyone else ever go huh? when seeing this kidnapping on CSI or anywehre else, and wonder?
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    Kidnapping is a bone of contention with me. In a sense this happened with Dude. Bio father took him, kept him, not because he was wanted, but because I did want him and it could/did make me miserable and a literal puppet. Even the local FBI and law enforcement said their hands were tied. When I got him back? I nearly died in doing so - I was tortured, raped, stabbed and beaten. I stuck to the "script" got my son, and got out.

    That part being over - the hell that we faced for years was more than I ever bargained for. I was scared of my own shadow, my son slept with a butcher knife under his pillow or between the bed and the wall hidden from anyone looking in the room, or in the closet floor covered with clothes. I slept very little for years - maybe 2-3 hours tops a night. Even shopping in a local grocery - a plastic bag blew behind me in the parking lot and I was sure it was him coming to get me and take Dude again. It was almost impossible for me to allow Dude out of our yard to go ride bikes like the normal kids - I was afraid a van would come by and it would be my x or his friends to take Dude. Every time your kids are late 10 minutes on curfew it's "I'm angry he's late again." when mine was late? It was "I'm a wreck - what could have happened. OH NO....etc." really hard to live with on top of having him be IN YOUR FACE when he DID get home.

    Most of our PTSD and Dudes severe PTSD have been addressed in therapy because of this man. It makes my head want to pop off literally to think of what he did to our son and yet still gets to breath air. It makes me want to implode silently when Dude brings up "I think I should talk to him just once." I simply pray that the man finds God and never finds us.

    So when things about kidnapping come up? It's a harder pill for me to swallow because of flash backs and the "things" that it did to my son - the things that he can't overcome. But to answer your question? I WOULD be the person in the crowd that would take the baby from BOTH people and dare anyone to bother us until the police got there. I know what it did to me, my son and how it still in some ways affects us today.

    I used to say - Most children fall asleep with teddy bears - mine went to sleep with a knife. It took me years to find the compassion to pray FOR his bio dad, because I figure - honestly - I could get my revenge, but when he has to face the almighty and answer for what he did to the beautiful family he was given EVEN after he had messed up his life? I think that will be better than anything I could do.

    If ever caught in a similar situation - Don't EVER EVER EVER allow the child to leave with 911 and let the police sort it out.
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    I watched it and thought how easily that COULD happen. It's like when I took a first aide course, the one thing they said was when you're asking people to do things tell a specific person because if you said "someone call 911" everyone would stand around looking for that someone who was going to do it. It's the same in a case like they showed on CSI, everyone stands around waiting for someone to call 911 or step in to help. There are very few take charge, leader type people who will run right in and do what's right/necessary. That's why those few people end up as heroes, and don't think they are, because they just follow in their heads what they know to be the thing to do.
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    It was frightening how quickly it could be done.

    Not to make light of kidnapping but husband and I are pretty sure if they kidnapped difficult child when he was little they would return him and give ME money to take him after 2 hrs.
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    I am so sorry you went through all of that. That pond scum doesn't deserve to be breathing, but facing the Almighty will certainly be vengeance enough.

    I was just amazed at how easily something like the show portrayed COULD be pulled off.

    Chelle, it is exactly like that. You have to tell someone specific to call 911, to stop and call to let the authorities sort it out. And, in a crisis, not everyone is cool-headed. It would certainly shock you out of your socks to have someone come up and try to pull your child away like that, another person to grab you and hold on to you.

    But I could so see it happening, and PRAY I never will.

    Fran, At many points iwth my boys it wouldn't have taken them a whole day to be begging me to pay them to return the boys. They were gorgeous adn adorable (to the point that we had numerous options to get either boy, Jess too for that matter, into modelling as early as 4 months), but OMG the fuss they could and would raise. Now I know much of that fuss was sensory in nature, but when you can't put a kid down for hours and hours and days at a time, well, nuff said.