Anyone seen Spongebob Monopoly??

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Feb 19, 2008.

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    thank you has been drooling over this version of Monopoly for a while. It was on the list we gave one set of grandparents (have to give each set a different list) and they didn't get it.

    We were at Walmart tonight and it was in Clearance. I had figured on spending about $10 on a movie. It was more, but Jess and thank you decided it was a MUST HAVE. So they agreed to split the difference, with Jess covering thank you's part until he earns $$ to pay her back.

    It was so cute to see them work out all the details. Jess paid me back as soon as we got home, with-o me even asking her. thank you has asked me to make a list of chores he can do to earn the $$, and offered to wait until he paid her back to play it. She thought that was too much to expect, and knows he will pay her back. He is good about that.

    The game is CUTE, and having them work together to buy it was just great to watch.

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    I just love it when kids work things out like that. :redface:

    Good for them! And good for you for letting them do it. I haven't seen this version, although I'm surprised as Nichole is a Sponge Bob nut. lol I hope they have hours and hours of fun with the game.

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    I want to play ;)
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    BBK, come on over. Tink can play too.