Anyone use Methylin for ADHD symptoms?


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I am finding that difficult child responds well to it...even though at this point it is only 10mg on top of other medications. Plus, it is short-acting...only 3/4 hours.

Anyone use Methylin? What is the dose?


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We use Focalin as a booster and have for several years -- it's the same methylphenidate. difficult child 2 doesn't do so well on it any more, though. Makes him jittery and irritable (so does Daytrana patch -- same drug, different delivery system), but he IS able to focus and he is not as hyperactive. Concerta stopped working for difficult child 2 -- needed higher and higher doses to achieve same effect.

difficult child 2 does GREAT Concerta, Focalin and Daytrana (all methylphenidate), but his ADHD is pretty straightforward, with no mood issues.

My understanding is that there's methylphenidate-d and -l, and one builds up in the body and hangs around longer...sorry, my head's a bit fuzzy about it... I'll post more if I can find the info...


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My difficult child takes Methylin, it's a brand name of a fast-acting form of methylphendate. For him, it lasts about 4 hours. He also takes Metadate CD - long-acting or slow release methylphendate. The Methylin is sort of a supplement to get him through the afternoon and early evening. He takes 10 mg in the afternoon during the school year, and depending on our plans for the evening, when he gets home from school another 10. He takes 20 mg of Metadate CD in the morning.

He has tried concerta before and it didn't work at all. He's tried a few other forms of methylphendate and they have worked fine.