Anyone want to place a bet

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on how long difficult child's new glasses will last? :future:

He had an eye appointment. this afternoon and it was determined he needs glasses. He is very excited as we went to Lenscrafter's and picked them up today.

I'm glad he is excited but wondering how long before they will be lost or broken? Oh well, maybe he'll surprise me!

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Sharon - I'm the last one to ask. I've replaced kt's glasses 7 times & wm's 17.

It's happened less often now that the tweedles have been told they must pay for half of the replacement cost.

I'd recommend one of those "geek" straps - you can get them in cool colors & has saved wm's glasses for over 7 months now.

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Yep. Buy the insurance. You can also invest in sports glasses. I don't know if they still have the guarantee they used to have or not. But Travis could and did break a pair of glasses a week when he was young. I got their sports glasses with the lifetime guarantee for replacement if broken and more than got my money's worth!!

I thought he'd be made fun of at school. But we had no choice as there was no way we could keep replacing glasses like that and the boy HAD to have them to see. It turned out that he started a major fashion trend at school. Parents asked me where I got them and ran out and got the same deal for their kids. :rofl:

Now Travis has the bendable kind. Flexon I think or something close to that. Expensive as all get out, but our insurance at the time paid almost all of it. They've held up wonderfully for him. (he still has the breakage problem)



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The insurance does not help if they lose them.

I will bet 2 months.
That is how long it took my difficult child to lose the glasses that she did not even need that I spent $200 on. You got it. After she lost them I took her to a different place. This guy could tell she was faking it during the exam. UGH!


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Yes, the insurance is WONDERFUL. I understand about losing them though. Maybe some sort of GPS or LoJack?? :rofl:

I would also recommend checking the glasses fairly often to make sure all of the screws are still tight. I don't know what difficult child does to his but he always winds up with screws top of the ones that are ALREADY loose that is. :hammer: I have so many of those little repair kids floating around the house it's not funny. If yours has that problem and it seems to keep happening, take them into where you got them. Our eye doctor put little tiny n u t s on difficult child's and that seemed to help keep the screws in tight.

At 17, difficult child still has breakage issues but it's not as bad. Used to be Cindy at the docs office (yep, first name basis) would see me coming and just ask if it was a repair or replacement.


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I'd place bets on a month. Well, maybe longer. My youngest difficult children glasses lasted 3 weeks. Grrrr. My other two difficult children aren't so bad with theirs. Good luck and pay for the extra insurance! : )


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Ummmm, I don't know - a couple weeks maybe!

A suggestion though Sharon, next time go to For Eyes. You can get two pair of glasses for $99 and you get the safety lenses free for kids under 16. It's a lot more affordable than Lens Crafters, especially for kids.

When easy child first started wearing glasses in third grade I let her pick out a funky pair and a more conservative pair.



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Glasses. Oh my goodness. You just made me so thankful that my kids don't wear glasses. I can not believe the added stress. It's bad enough dealing with "where are my shoes? Where is my blanket? Where are my socks?" that I can't imagine my children having any clue where their glasses are! LOL If it were my kids, I'd bet 3 days! LOL


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I have to say ( knock on wood ) that our difficult child has had glasses for 4 years now and (gulp) <u>never</u> broken or lost them!! I know - it's an oddity. :rofl: Leave it to our difficult child to mess with a certain, right?

Even during a rage episode, he has never even once made an effort to destroy his glasses. Of course, we've had the usual wear and tear - chewed on bows and missing nose cushion pieces - but nothing intentional or incidental. He once even wore the same frames for two years - just replaced the lenses.

Who knows - you might get lucky, too! Here's hoping ! :angel: