Anyone Watch Flashpoint Last Week?

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by susiestar, Jul 25, 2010.

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    Flashpoint is a CBS show on Friday nights about a Strategic Response Unit (SWAT basically).

    Last week (7/16 airdate) the team responds to a situation where a man has hijacked a car with a baby in it. He was escaping cops and hijacked a car with a baby in it.

    At the heart of the crisis is a teenage boy who has a form of autism. It shows how the disorder can be misunderstood by those in and out of law enforcement. I like the way the team leader handles the situation.

    Of course they didn't get it all right (how could they?) and they say that people with Asperger's are not violent. Overall it does show how a parent can miss problems and how easy it can be to misunderstand someone with any kind of autism.

    You can watch the episode at,, or

    Hopefully the more people with aspergers and other forms of autism are shown in the media as being misunderstood, the more the general public will learn and be inspired to try to understand autism in all its forms.
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    We, in the US, only see Flashpoint during the off season. It's a Canadian show based on the Strategic Response Unit in Toronto, I believe. Really good show. I wish we had it during the normal season. My DVR messed up last week and I missed it. Going to have to catch it on