"Are Industrial Chemicals Killing Kids' Brains?"



Can't wait to read this. Hope it also talks about autism. I'm convinced that it's something like this causing the autism epidemic.


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Unfortantly, I know where difficult child gets his problems from. Sometimes I wish it were chemicals or something more fixable than an abusive ex.


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please, read any article like this with a HUGE grain of salt. Realize that research is published for several reasons. One, of course, is to share the findings. But a more important reason is to see if the results can be duplicated.
If I could see the original paper, I could give you a better explaination of what the authors were saying. Which bothers me that the original paper is NOT linked to in the article. I do realize that many publications are by subscription only, but I have access to a lot of these at work, and I will see if I can find this one.

I'm not arguing for or against the findings - I'm stating that from the linked article, there is too little information to make any type of informed opinion.

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Which bothers me that the original paper is NOT linked to in the article.

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It's http://www.thelancet.com/ "Developmental neurotoxicity of industrial chemicals" Third item down. The Lancet is available online only through subscription except for the articles they make available free, and this isn't one. It will be in the next paper edition of The Lancet but is currently available on the Early Online Publication edition.

I would say that these results are logical rather than to be taken with a grain of salt.