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    I am so angry right now, and have been for almost a week already. Last Thursday afternoon my apartment was burglarized. We lost everything of value. I am checking in briefly from my brother's house. I hope the police department gets their rears in gear and investigates. I called them with a suspected vehicle liscense plate and their response was we know where the registered owner of that car was as he's in jail. My question is then who's driving his car while he's in jail and why has it taken 5 days for you to check it out. I had to get ativan for difficult child. His anxiety is so high. He hardly sleeps and is afraid they're coming back to kill him (when they come back to get the power cords and chargers for the things they stole). They took my laptop, but unplugged it from the power cord to take it. They took difficult child's xbox and ps2 and psp and games galore (I couldn't even begin to know how many). They took two digital cameras, but left the chargers for both. They took my video camera. They took difficult child's cell phone, but not the charger that was laying on the table right next to it. We think it was kids, but can't prove it and the lazy pd isn't investigating fully. I spoke to both a leiutent and the chief. They both give me the line well it's detective xx case and he'll be back on duty this afternoon. In the meantime I am dealing with an autistic kid who is going nuts without his distractions and they have more time to get rid of our stuff so that I will never again have the pictures I took of my niece and nephew or any of the documents I had on my laptop. I will check in as often as possible, but don't know for sure when I'll be able to get another puter since I'm unemployed and can't afford the basics much less trying to replace stuff that was stolen. Pray for us please. I don't know how I'm going to be able to do Christmas this year. By the time I pay rent I have $9 left for the month. ARGH.
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    I'm so sorry that happened. Hugs to you all.

    Is there a victim's support (or something) department at your police station? Maybe they can help speed things along especially since some of that stuff could reasonably be considered medical or a type of aid for your son. I would let therapist/psychiatrist know what's going on also and see if there is anything they can do to help. What does your insurance company say?

    As for Christmas, sign up for everything you can. See if you can get your family in the programs handling the giving trees. Our local Jaycees chapter does a Christmas shop every year to help families. Find whatever you can and sign up. It's hard I'm sure but we all need help sometimes. When you're in a better position, you can be the one helping someone else.

    Wish I could do more but I'm sending hugs.
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    Do you have insurance...renters insurance if you rent?

    Any security cameras in the local area such as ATM cameras or gas stations nearby? I would go into the local pawn shops myself with descriptions of my items. Give them a list and tell them to call you if someone comes in...or call the cops. They would probably call the cops before calling you...give them the detectives name. Check out your local craigslist to see if they suddenly show up for sale with pictures.

    Call your cell phone provider to tell them its been stolen so they can track it.
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    I am so sorry. That is just horrible. I can understand your difficult child's fears, and yours. I am sending a great big cyber hug (extra snuggly) for you to rely on when you need someone to help with YOUR fears at night.

    It certainly seems like kids, esp since they didn't take the cords. Going to pawn shops is a good idea. IF any items were registered with Nintendo they can help you get the serial numbers and let you know if anyone logs onto their system to register the items. They have been very helpful to us in the past.

    Call the churches and the Jaycees and whomever else to help with Christmas. Think of it as us each giving you a hug when you get things.