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I read it, too. I have mixed feelings about it. It made it sound like if we just loved them more and put them in a loving happy environment, they would stop being addicts. I don't believe that for a second.

However. I agree that we need a new mindset in this country that addicts need to be punished and that AA always works and all addicts should be in abstinence only programs. It is ridiculous that we are keeping suboxone from heroin addicts when it has been shown to dramatically reduce deaths from overdoses.
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I got more from it that the "just have enough belief that they can quit" that one can do it on it's own VS new medications that are available. Faith based or self help doesn't work for everyone as the article pointed out. Having been through an opiate regimen and Suboxone (pain management for CRPS) as well then cold turkey, let me say that I can not see how an addict can get off opiates. I think the best advice came that heroin users should opt or chemical treatment VS "cold turkey" 12 step type programs. I also agreed with the scientists who state that the heroin changes the brain structure and I don't believe any kind of "belief system" can overcome the damage that has been done to the brain. Also I found it profoundly sad how many young people are dying from heroin overdoses when there is medication available to treat this horrible addiction. Having known a couple whose son almost died from a heroin overdose I think every parent that has an addicted child around them should have Narcan at home just in case.


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I have no understanding as to why a heroin addict can not opt for a less debilitating drug to make him able to sustain. Many of us take medications for illness and addiction IS an illness. It is beyond my comprehension how we can expect heroin addicts to become clean and sober and, since there are alternative drugs that are not as lethal, I don't understand why they can't just be given in place of the heroin. I always wondered what happened to methadone.

I'm in favor of allowing these human beings to live as normal a life as possible, like all of the rest of us. I do not believe Twelve Step works for heroin addicts.In fact, I have always believed that Al-Anon works better for caregivers of addicts than AA or NA works for addicts. I like Al-Anon as a stand alone. Doesn't have to include the entire family.

But I also don't believe love and understanding is the answer. I think that just prolongs their unwillingness to get help. I think we need to treat them like adults and offer then drug treatment if that will help, but not treat them as if they are damaged china, even though they are often dangerous to live with.