As if I wanted this .......


husband and I decided when we got together I was going to stay home to be with the kids. Then all heck broke loose with gfgness abounding. Thus with husband's schedule to make appointments me getting a job was not even an option.

Last December I finally started working after almost five years. Same place as husband. I work extreme part time doing janitor work.

Well the boss decides a month ago to go to everyother week pay roll. He is the boss so no choice there.

I got my check today and it is missing a 1/4 of what I had been making. No it is not taxes or anything like that. He had been essentially paying me a flat rate no matter what I worked. That is what we agreed to and if I went over that amount he said he would pay me more. Well I am much more efficient than I used to be with my time. I do the same work a little less time. So he decided to reduce the amount to pay me.

This is one of the problems I have with it. He didn't even say he was going to do so. I found out I was getting less when I opened the check.

We have obviously become dependent on the money (this is how I pay for cell phone and it is a contract) and a few other things.

I know he is the boss and can change what he wants but how do you do that and not say anything. He was there this morning when I was and said nothing. husband picked up the checks and brought them in a few minutes ago.

What do I do about this? Do people not know common curtosy any more?



Ok problem resolved. Evidentally with the change from every week to every other week payroll they also changed the days payroll goes from.

Thankfully I didn't say anything on this someone else did and boss was letting people know.

One problem down.



call 911
We did this recently.....and there were two men who absolutely could NOT live with the change. Their wives called and complained (to me - as if!)- I'm the office mgr. bookkeeper janitor.

So I talked to the boss and changed it back for those 2. Payroll is SO much fun now. I have 2 /weekly, subs weekly, 1 monthly, and 4 bi weekly. I figure when I go for another job somewhere to make more money I can say I did this and it will appear brilliant.

If you can't hack bi the boss to ask the bookkeeper if she could cut you a check ever week.