As if my life isn't overwhelming as it is...

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    So now I have the DUI **** to deal with, and they expect A LOT. I went down to register for my drug and alcohol classes yesterday, and they told me the classes are $226 a month for three months! I'm already struggling financially and this is gonna downright kill me. I also owe the court another $300 by July and I will have a warrant out for my arrest if I don't pay it on time. I work at a high school and I don't work in the summer. My summer vacation is in the months of July and August. Of course I don't get paid for my time off, so we live off of child support and a very small savings that I put away during the school year.

    Usually I just barely get by in the summer, and more often than not I have to borrow money from my mom (which she hangs over my head) to pay the bills. This summer will be really, really tight and most of it will be spent taking these damn classes and doing my community service. OH, and the classes are TWO nights a week. I can't handle doing much after work as it is, being a slave to my night time pills that I have to take at six, which knocks me out on my *** by 8. The classes are on Wednesday and Friday nights. Friday isn't so bad. I can take my pills later after class is over and I don't have to drive to work the next morning. Wednesdays are gonna be tough. The classes on Wednesdays are from 6:00 to 8:00. I won't be getting home till 8:30, which means I will be taking my pills two and a half hours later than usual.

    My Geodon stays in my system for twelve hours. I need to wake up for work by six each morning, but when my Geodon is still in my system it is damn near impossible to wake up to an alarm. I sleep through everything. Can't drive with the pills still in my system either. I feel very groggy and I don't feel safe enough to drive. For the time being, I am going to have to call in to work Thursday mornings and say I'm gonna be late a couple of hours. Will have to make up some excuse, like a dr. appointment or something like that. Thankfully once July hits I won't have to worry about work, but for the time being I'm going to have to come in late to get by.

    Oh, and besides the classes two nights a week, I need to attend a self help group like AA for six weekends. I am going to find a NA meeting instead. I used to smoke pot and I have no problems going to meetings for that, even though I've been sober for years. I absolutely refuse to do an AA meeting. I'm not an alcoholic. I didn't get busted for drinking and driving. I got busted for taking a Klonopin and driving. I am not going to attend meetings and pretend to be an alcoholic when I'm not. I shouldn't have to take these classes geared towards alchoholics in the first place. It does not sit well with me that I have to sit around with a bunch of stupid people who drove drunk, when I've never done that in my life.

    I never ever drink and drive. Even if I only have one glass of wine, I still won't drive. I am seriously THAT paranoid. I know better and so should everyone else in my group. But they drank and drove. I didn't. So I get lectured up the *** for three whole months for doing something I never did! When I explained my story to one of the guys sitting next to me, he was shocked that I actually got charged with anything. At this point, so am I. It all seems so totally unfair to have to endure this hardship. I didn't do anything wrong. I did what my doctor told me to do. I don't know how much more stress I can handle at this point. Sorry for the rant. I just need to get it out somewhere, I guess.
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    Vent away! It's what we're here for.
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    I really don't k now what to say. I'm always on my medications. I have to be. I've never been in an accident on the medications and only got one ticket. I take Clonazapan too and I take it at night, but it stays in your system.

    I'm sorry you're going through this crapola.
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    I drove on onxycontin for years (many years ago) and not one accident. (I never had to increase it and never got tired) but I wonder if I did have an accident if they would have tested me and then charged me??? I too was taking it thru a dr and following directions, not abusing it at all, often using less than the rx said.

    It seems so unfair. No way to appeal?

    Is there any kind of hardship thing that can extend this or so you can spread the payments out?

    I can totally relate to the summer being hell financially. I have no idea how I will do this. And I dont have any classes to have to go to or fines...(just the dumb MN dept of revenue which is taking pay because they say I wasn't a parent in 2006 and clearly I was, but something is messed up....{adoption finalized in 2000, but his SS# goes to his old name for s ome reason})....fighting this kind of stupidity is exhausting.
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    I am so sorry CB. difficult child 1 is having to do something similar because of a medication reaction (stopped the medication & things went back to normal). He had to take a class for delinquent kids (curfew, underage drinking, driving violations, etc.) that cost me $ we didn't have not to mention how idiotic it was in the first place. At least with him, he was able to do community service to pay off the fine. Have you talked to psychiatrist about the medication issue? Does s/he have any advice?
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    This is something I have always wondered about. I take a boatload of medications. Was your klonopin prescribed to you to be taken? I have so many medications I am prescribed to take everyday and there is no way I could simply not drive. I dont drink at all so I wouldnt blow but if they took my blood, I would test positive for opiates and benzos. I have not been told not to drive. I certainly wouldnt do it at night after I take my night medications which include ambien but I also take a 3 mg xanax XR which lasts 24 hours. I also take 45 mgs of morphine sulfate ES twice a day.

    I have always wondered if they could charge me with DUI. That would tick me off and if I found out they could, I would probably never drive again because I dont like jail.
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    Yeah the medication was prescribed by my doctor for the anxiety attacks I was having and he never told me I couldn't drive on it. As a matter of fact, I usually get my attacks before work and I told him this, and he still prescribed me to take a pill right away when my anxiety hit. He knows I work and he knows I drive to get there. He was just as surprised as I was that the medication affected my driving. I tried it out on the weekend first to make sure I felt okay. I was at home alone and I felt fine just sitting there watching TV all day. I thought for sure I could handle it while driving.

    I was surprised when I blacked out right before the accident because I had been driving for at least a half hour and I didn't feel tired or dizzy or anything. I just suddenly blacked out out of the blue and ran over a center divider. I got such severe panic and anxiety attacks after the arrest that I had to go to a mental hospital for about a week, then I went on disability for a month because my anxiety was so bad that I couldn't function. I simply couldn't drive without freaking out, and I couldn't work because I would spend the entire time there worried about having to drive home. I couldn't eat or sleep either. I was really traumatized.

    I refused to take any more anti anxiety pills after the accident so the doctor put me on antidepressants for the anxiety, which unfortunatley took about a month to kick in. I am doing better now but I still get anxiety attacks and there's nothing I can do about it. Xanax really helped for a time but I only took that on weekends when I wasn't required to drive the next day. I have many anxiety attacks before work and I just deal with it and suffer. I won't even take pills at night. I'm too afraid they will be in my system the next day and I will get in trouble again, which could mean up to six months in jail if it happens again. I am absolutely TERRIFIED of going to jail. It's one of my life's biggest fears. I simply couldn't handle jail. I am doing everything in my power to avoid it, even if it means I have to remain unstable. Right now my panic attacks are manageable but they are still there. It's just something I will have to put up with for the rest of my life. Oh and for the question about payment plans or extensions for the court costs, I already asked about it. To qualify, you have to make less than $300 a month! Seriously? My child support pays more than that! So of course I don't qualify for any reduced payments.

    Oh, and there's still a chance the dmv will suspend my license. I may not be able to drive to anywhere but work and my alcohol classes and AA meetings. That means I can no longer take my kids to school. Next year difficult child's school is about an hour away walking distance, so I HAVE to take her there. There's no getting around it. It is not our home school so there are no buses for her. I am literally praying my license will not get suspended. That's when I'll truly be screwed.
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    I'm so sorry you are going through this.
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    Sorry for posting this **** ladies (still can't believe the word c-r-a-p is being edited here. That word is perfectly okay and acceptable in our house. Anyway, most of this is just a pity party for me. I hate pity. Pity = weak. I refuse to be weak. Thanks for listening, anyway.
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    The "new" key word as a replacement for the one that you're finding edited out is: koi.

    You'll find that not only is c r a p edited out, so is c a r p. And koi is another name for c a r p, which is a mis-spelling of c r a p, so... put an end to all the **** and just use... koi, like the rest of us.

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    So koi it is, I guess. Still don't see the point, in my humble opinion...
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    Oh, I have never blacked out or even felt a thing. Never come close to an accident except when some idiot decided to turn right in front of me on a 55 mph road without even attempting to slow down or stop and I had to slam my brakes on to avoid hitting him. I avoided hitting him but it scared the koi out of me. Thank heavens for anti-lock brakes.