Asperger's article - written by a brother


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It was truly well done. It's just so sad that it took so long to gain an answer. I think that happens way too often.


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Wow. This is really good. Wish I had seen it b4.
Amazing about the dad.
And spooky about the computer expertise. difficult child is like that... his friends won't come over if he's grounded off the computer, so their ill manners take over where his Asperger's kicks in! And his bdad is a computer tech, and was kicked out of the military and fired from a cpl jobs for drug use. I haven't told difficult child that, though.


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Just wondering, are the "snags" he speaks of typical of AS or could that be more of an ADHD issue? I see so many people on here whose children have both I'm wondering if there are a lot of similar symptoms with ADHD and AS. If you have AS, do you almost always have ADHD?