At least he has plans, LOL!

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    Wiz will finish his technical course this year. The original plan was to use that to work his way through college. He wanted to study acting.

    Not sure why, esp when we were never even allowed to see him in a play or performance or working on one. Ever. But he did take acting classes in high school and liked them.

    Now he wants to move to Ohio to a small school to study sculpting. He is a talented artist with pencil and various other mediums on canvas/paper. He has never done much sculpting.

    Mostly he wants to see a couple of girls he was good friends with in Ohio. Sadly the 2 he most wants to see come from families with huge acceptance of drug use. I cannot think of a worse combination than him and these 2 girls. I LIKE the girls as people. But not as influences on him. Know what I mean??

    I am rather amused by his plans. I seriously doubt he will act on them. I know that my parents will not help with this goal much. Esp as he still won't even fill out the FAFSA or a college application.

    He IS working and getting good grades.

    Even is keeping his room clean and his hair trimmed. Gpa told him it was a reasonable haircut or he could pay rent of about $75 a month. LOL! He was having his hair styled in a very unbecoming way that looked more like a middle age lady than an 18yo boy, except for the random curls he had died wild colors. Or the ronald mcdonald red all over color he tried, LOL.

    We do not comment on his hair. I don't care about it. Gpa and Gma just wanted a little consideration. He had longer hair than the 2 of them put together! Gpa is a bit sensitive about the bald spot. And Aspie enough to pick a couple of things to totally dig his heels in about.

    It is FUN to watch them from the sidelines. I am sure that is bad of me, but it just IS! Sort of like watching a couple of 2yo kids squabbling. Not so much with each other as at each other, Know what I mean??

    husband and I are privately amused at the planning. We just chuckle together and play bobble head with Wiz and my parents. :tongue:
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    Wonder what his next plan of action will be? First actor, now sculptor, hmmm...maybe poet? Philosopher?