At least this difficult child isn't mine...

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by dashcat, Jan 29, 2011.

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    One of our former exchange students, a very sweet girl from Germany, recently found difficult child and me on facebook. K was quite the drama queen when she was here, but she and difficult child were both 15 and - well, I wasn't in the difficult child warrior mom club yet so I didn't know.

    Within a few says of fb messaging back and forth & catching up, she begins sharing that she is deeply depressed, does not want to live some days, etc. I am so strong .. maybe I can help her? She admires me so much.... Of course, I respond with concern, tell her to please talk to her parents or someone (she's away at University). She messages back that her parents took her to a doctor who was "stupid". He gave her medicine but that is "stupid". She can do it herself! Ah, yes, the doctor could not possibly be right....her parents could not possibly be right...

    And then.....sigh, maybe she just needs to get away ... can she come stay with me?

    Do you hear my tires squealing as I run screaming from this?

    She was always quite the manipulator but, at 15, wasn't too very good at it. Seems she's honed her skills a bit.

    The part about not wanting to live does concern me a bit, I can't call her parents because neither speaks English (and I do n't speak German). I'll keep an eye on her FB page, but I think she's just being dramatic.

    It's funny how being a warrior mom equips you with difficult child radar!
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    I'm pretty much guessing the not wanting to live is a manipulation tactic. Honestly, the "I'm sooooo depressed" may also be a manipulation tactic. Does sound as if she's been working on those skills.

    I'd have no trouble at all telling her NO.

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    Well, I couldn't risk her being depressed and so far from home, could I? Seriously, I would never have seent his for what it is even a year ago. Knowledge is power!