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  1. habibi

    habibi New Member

    Has anyone used the natural supplement "Attend" for ADD? Its made by the VAXA company.
    We have a borderline (high functioning) 14 year-old ADD son who has tried every pharmaceutical for ADD. Has also tried months of EEG biofeedback with questionable results.
    After receiving the latest dismal mid-term grades, we are grasping at anything and everything.
  2. transformtriumph

    transformtriumph New Member

    I have not tried ATTEND but I question formulas like that, which include 70 different products. I prefer to have one homeopathic remedy or herbal medicine prescribed by a professional. You may want to check out
  3. nancie

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    I have a dcp that uses focus and star brite for her daughter she has addhd and clames it works great you can look it up at
  4. Terriejojo

    Terriejojo New Member

    I am thinking about using Attend. A friend of mine uses it with her son and swears by it. i have no personal experience yet.