Aubrey's Weird Virus???

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Hound dog, Jun 29, 2008.

  1. Hound dog

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    Nichole and boyfriend wound up running Aubrey out to the ER this evening. (finally!) Spots were worse and she was miserable.

    After a grueling 3 hour wait in the waiting room.......and lord knows how long once they got into the exam room.......

    Not chicken pox. Not impetigo.:surprise:

    doctor is "positive". This is put into quotes because this doctor isn't the brightest flower in the bunch.

    He says it's a virus. (well duh!) A highly contagious virus that only kids get. (so why haven't they informed the rest of the world?) Especially kids in day care. (huh??) While highly contagious it's not supposed to be the least bit serious. According to doctor it is supposed to be gone within 3 days.

    I'll believe it when I see it. Ok. So day 1 was yesterday. Should be gone by tuesday according to doctor.

    So attention Moms, evidently there is a virus out there carried by day cares that cause a rash almost identical to either chicken pox or impetigo, usually no fever (Aubrey had one), and causes blisters in the mouth too. (she does) Oh, and I'm adding this one in as she was extremely light sensitive this afternoon. And since it's a virus there isn't a darn thing they can do either.

    Well, isn't that lovely.:mad:

    So boyfriend is sitting her tomorrow while Nichole is in school since he doesn't have to work tonight. I'll have her Tuesday if she's still got the "rash".

    doctor ignored Nichole when she said the rash faded almost away when they gave the baby her allergy medication. *shrugs* But that makes me wonder if it's an allergic reaction??

    Oh, well. This too shall pass. :sick:
  2. GoingNorth

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    This sounds a lot like Fifth Disease, which is indeed a virus of small children and spreads rapidly in environments where a lot of toddlers are crowded together.

    One note of warning, IIRC, FD is dangerous to pregnant women as it can affect the embryo.

    If it is FD, it'll clear pretty quickly, but the kiddo will be miserable until them.

    Practice proper handwashing and other sanitation measures until both the rash and fever are gone.
  3. flutterbee

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    I was wondering Fifth Disease, too.

    I hope she feels better soon.

    I hope boyfriend trips and falls on his face. Just cause.
  4. Hound dog

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    Isn't Fith's Disease where they look like they got their cheeks slapped?? Or am I thinking of another one?

    doctor didn't tell her what the virus was. Just that it was a virus.

    Now I've got to go look up Fith's Disease, cuz it's gonna drive me crazy. :rofl:
  5. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Ok. I was right. But it does say in rare cases it can cause a blister like rash. hmmmmmmmm

    Oh, this is so not good.

    easy child was holding Aubrey at Darrin's ballgame last Tuesday. I had him here last night. (Aubrey was at boyfriend's) It says average incubation period is 16 -17 days. And there is a danger to pregnant women. :censored2:. I'll have to call easy child and let her know so she can call the OB.
  6. flutterbee

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    I was thinking it's only contagious when the rash is present. I could be wrong. A friend's kids had it a couple of years ago and that's what I seem to remember her telling me. So, if Aubrey didn't have the rash when easy child was holding her, maybe she's ok. She should definitely tell the OB, though, just to cover all bases.
  7. Hopeless

    Hopeless ....Hopeful Now

    Lisa - my easy child had FD in Daycare around the age of 5. It did look like her cheeks were slapped and the rash on her body and arms looked like lace doilies (sp?). It went away pretty quickly. I do remember if she was in the sun that summer, it would reappear lightly on her cheeks. I do not remember bumps in the mouth.

    It would have been nice of the ER doctor to tell them what the virus was (I guess that is asking too much)

    Hope she feels better soon and I would have easy child call her OB just to be safe.
  8. klmno

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  9. jal

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    Sounds like hand-foot-mouth (cocksackie virus). My son got it 2 years in a row at daycare when he was 3 and 4. A little fever but blisters usually always appear in the mouth and they can also appear on the hands and feet. First time just blisters in the mouth, second time in the mouth, feet and hands. Both times he got it we were 1 day away from going somewhere for summer vacation.

    "Hand, foot, and mouth disease (HFMD) is a common viral illness of infants and children. The disease causes fever and blister-like eruptions in the mouth and/or a skin rash. HFMD is often confused with foot-and-mouth (also called hoof-and-mouth) disease, a disease of cattle, sheep, and swine; however, the two diseases are not related—they are caused by different viruses. Humans do not get the animal disease, and animals do not get the human disease.

    The disease usually begins with a fever, poor appetite, malaise (feeling vaguely unwell), and often with a sore throat.
    One or 2 days after fever onset, painful sores usually develop in the mouth. They begin as small red spots that blister and then often become ulcers. The sores are usually located on the tongue, gums, and inside of the cheeks.
    A non-itchy skin rash develops over 1–2 days. The rash has flat or raised red spots, sometimes with blisters. The rash is usually located on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet; it may also appear on the buttocks and/or genitalia.
    A person with HFMD may have only the rash or only the mouth sores.
    HFMD is caused by viruses that belong to the enterovirus genus (group). This group of viruses includes polioviruses, coxsackieviruses, echoviruses, and enteroviruses.
    Coxsackievirus A16 is the most common cause of HFMD, but other coxsackieviruses have been associated with the illness."

    Typically passes in a couple of days. I remember a vaca to the Cape where all he could eat was milk shakes, jello and yogurt. He was 3 at the time.
  10. hearts and roses

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    easy child had FD at about 2-3 years of age. All Aubrey's symptoms sound similar - right down to the fever. Yes, she had a scorching fever and along with the blisters in her mouth and the rash, we were really scared, took her to the ER. Nightmare, but within a few days, she was better.

    I think the danger of exposure to pregnant women is only when the rash is out, but easy child should check with her Dr just in case.

    Poor little peanut.
  11. Fran

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    Funny I was thinking Fifth's Disease too.
    Hope she feels better.