Autism - ABA vs CPS - collaborative problem solving / RDI - relationship development

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    I have been interested in ' working with ' methods of treatment for challenging kids with devlopmental delays as opposed to behaviorist ' behavior modification'. Behaviorist methods seem to dominate treatment of ADHD - Barkley and ABA for autism.

    I was interested in the following questions

    How does ABA work
    How does CPS - Collaborative Problem solving and RDI - relationship development intervention work
    it is possible to combine the 2 approaches - ABA with RDI/CPS

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    Here is the basis for CPS (as shown here: IN THE COLLABORATIVE PROCESS):

    A Model for Collaborative Problem Solving

    1. Share Perspectives

    * Use our communication skills to understand the otherís perception of the situation, their needs, and desires

    2. Define the Issues

    * Clarify the topics for discussion

    3. Identify the Interests

    * Go beyond the stated positions or solutions to figure out what the parties really need to have satisfied in order to reach agreement

    * Look for the common ground between all parties

    4. Generate Options

    * Brainstorm and generate ideas, looking at the problem from all angles and considering as many different ideas as possible

    5. Develop a Fair Standard or Objective Criteria for Deciding

    * Using an agreed upon criteria, combine and reduce options

    * Strive to "expand the pie" and create agreements for mutual gain.

    6. Evaluate Options and Reach Agreement