Autism speaker for anyone in the NE Indiana area

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    I won't post a specific location but if you want it, pm me and I'll get the info to you.

    There was an article in my local paper today about an upcoming book signing featuring an international speaker, author and advocate who has been involved with autism spectrum disorders for more than 20 years both as a parent and a professional.

    I don't have a link to the article but I will condense it here:

    XXXXX Library will welcome Chantal Sicile-Kira for an author visit and book signing at 11 am on Saturday, November 7. Chantal , a bilingual French-American, raised her autistic son, now 20, in France, the UK and California. She is the author of 3 books with the most recent being "Autism Life Skills: From Communication and Safety to Self-Esteem and More - 10 Essential Abilities Your Child with Autism Needs and Deserves to Learn". This book will be available at the signing for $10.

    She will also be the keynote speaker for an annual community recognition dinner put on by a local provider for the mentally disabled. The dinner is also on November 7 and I can provide the contact info for that if you want tickets.

    As I write this, it is 6:17pm (my time), Thursday, October 15. I will be leaving first thing in the morning and won't be home until Sunday. If you PM me and I don't get back to you right away....this is why.

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