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Duckie attended an award ceremony today. All the winners had written essays about people in their lives that were their heroes. The younger children drew a picture and wrote a little bit. Duckie won by writing about the deacon of our church. She gave a lot of emotional support to my family when my grandmother died in March. It was a lovely ceremony where the essayist received a medal & the hero received a trophy. The essayist read their entry as well. I'm very proud of Duckie. :warrior:
But I'm also very proud of the other students (pre-k through grade 12). Their heroes included teachers, religious leaders, siblings, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, neighbors, & coaches. Their were several widowed parents honored, aunts & siblings who stepped in, a step-father who truly was a Dad, teachers that cared, an older brother that entered kindergarten speaking no English but graduated from high school as the valedictorian, a grandfather that started a conservation movement, a math teacher that inspires, a wounded soldier recovering out of state and a principal that takes the time to get to know even the shyest student. The common denominator for all these heroes is that they took the time to care & to make a difference in a child's life. It's wonderful to know that there still are heroes out there for our kids. It's also important to note that these essays weren't mandatory. Each of these students were so inspired by their hero that they willingly participated. It gives me hope for our future. :smile:

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What a nice post to read. It sounds like the kids put forth a lot of effort in to their essays-it is nice to know that they did this even though it wasn't mandatory. Very inspiring! Congrats to Duckie on doing her essay!
:bravo: :sad:AAWWWWWW! Now ya done it! Who has the tissues?? How very touching! I would have been a basket case, crying away all ceremony long!