A Spotlight Moment for a difficult child

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    Tonight was the Exceptional Achievement Award ceremony for our region. Awards are given to students with disabilities who perform in some area above expectations and for mainstream students who assist or take a disabled student under their wing to aide them academically or socially. As well as awards for Special Education teachers and aides ect.

    Alex was nominated for the Outstanding Student Award for Highland County. (a huge deal)

    Due to schedules, Nana and grandpa were the only extended family able to attend. We picked up katie and the kids and took them to the ceremony. It was a dress up affair. Alex wore his suit from xmas. School staff gave him a carnation boutonniere to wear. He was so excited! I'm not sure which he was more excited about, seeing Nana and papa or winning his award. lol

    His teachers met us at the door and everyone treated us like celebrities.....Alex just beamed! And his teachers couldn't say enough good things about him, they just love him to death and the feeling is mutual. Teachers took pics of the family together and of each of them with Alex. They got shots of him as he accepted his trophy and certificate of achievement.

    I fought back tears when the speaker read why he had been nominated. She said that although he'd entered the school system in October, had to relocate only a couple of weeks later out of county, then several weeks later relocate once again back into the county that his desire to learn never wavered. No matter what he always did his best, always had a positive attitude and a smile. That despite his disabilities, and outstanding circumstances, he still managed to stay on the honor roll. Thus he was awarded the Achievement Award under the category of academic exellence.

    So proud of my Alex tonight! Well, I'm always proud of my Alex.....but even more so tonight. :bigsmile:

    And Kayla and Evan managed to be well mannered and good, making me proud of them too. Evan latched on to husband and I, which settled his behavior.....much to my relief. And Nana, who is always prepared, had lifesavers in her purse for when the ceremony drug out and was boring and Evans attention was on thin ice. lol Doled out one at a time......he sat still and behaved. lol

    Now, I'd just like to know where all this awesome staff was hiding when Travis was in school..........Seemed like every time he got someone decent, let they them go due to budget cuts. ugh At least now it seems they're going the extra mile for the kids for a change. All those state board investigations must have had a positive effect. lol
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    That's so awesome! Yay for Alex!
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    I totally loved reading every word in your post. It's awesome that your school district places such emphasis on "it takes a village" approach. You all must have been SO proud. Your description of his reaction formed a wonderful visual picture for me. Thanks for sharing. DDD

    PS: On the somber side I truly fear for all those with special needs with the political climate. God help them.
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    Yay for Alex - what a special thing that he'll always remember. Awesome honor. Good idea for keeping Evan occupied!
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    That kid sure did deserve a moment like this in his life and many more!
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    I am just grinning from ear to ear, hearing about it... And why he was nominated... Way To Go ALEX!!!!!
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    I'm proud of him for you! Your whole post just left me smiling too! I can't even imagine how wonderful all that praise and recognization must have felt to a kid like Alex ... he must have soaked it up like a sponge! And he deserves every bit of it. I would have gone through a whole box of Kleenex!
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    Thats fantastic :) I can just picture his beaming smile!!!
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    That is so wonderful for Alex !!!!!!
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    How completely and totally fantabulous!!!!! It really says a LOT about him that he was able to keep the attitude and grades even with the living situation!!