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    Hi everyone, I've been thinking of you and have no excuse but being extremely busy to post. Anyway if you recall my difficult child was released from the youth home in March, and I cannot help but thinking back to all of your encouraging posts during his 8 month stay that got me through it all (he was in a theraputic program the whole time).
    Well guess what - for the first time in 5 years we have a non-violent, mature, caring, loving young adult and I could not be more pleased. Many hospitilizations, many diff. medications, youth home & now 5 months from turning 18, without medications- which amazes me, he is finally doing very well! I am so pleased to come to the board & share our success story.
    Use to be a time I would be afraid of my difficult child, to the point where I did not discipline for fear of being hurt or something destroyed. I walked on eggshells, did not drive alone with- him in the car, etc. Now, even if a few disrepectful words come out of his mouth, I tell him not acceptable and he immediately apoligizes! I have this board to thank, from the bottom of my heart, that taught me to have rhino skin, have faith & I was doing the right thing.
    difficult child transition back to school was difficult academically, but even the staff noticed a difference in his maturity, and kindness. Small things like going to the store & hearing him say "have a nice day", to the checkout person. It warms my heart as people comment, "what a nice boy". Thanking his teachers every time they help him. Janet, you told me this tough stint in the youth home may actually help, and it did.

    This part will warm your heart...difficult child is back to his therputic horse riding program, 6 years he has been in it. The difference is he is now also a volunteer, spending 8 hours at the barn, 3 days a week, working with mostly Autistic, but also Down's children & other disorders. He always cleaned stalls and helped out, but now gives lessons! He has a special place in his heart for these kids, knows what they are going through & the smiles on his face in the pictures, well it's a full circle moment in his life. It brings tears to my eyes, I also go out and volunteer often. The parents love him, and the president of this wonderful non-profit does not know what she would do without him. His own riding ability has florished since he came home, he is the rider he always wanted to be and for the first time, in his senior year, he will be on the equestrian team at school! Oh ya, he also has a girlfriend for the first time, went on his first date a few weeks ago, very nice girl.

    This wonderful therputic horse riding program (non-profit) is in Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit, is one of a kind. Private FREE lessons to children who qualify. Please PM me if you live in this area, and are interested in this service for your child, ups to 21 years of age. I will also post it to the general board. We have over 40 children now, but I am best friends with the president/founder and she knows what this board has done to help me. My way of paying it forward, if I can help any of you. Our website is if any of you want to take a look, or you can visit/ become a fan on our facebook page, Lifehorse at Grand Review Farm. We are in a voting contest to win $20,000 that ends tomorrow evening. If any of you have a facebook page & can help us out, please vote at the below link. You can only vote once, will not receive e-mails, and it takes about 20 seconds. The top 200 charities receive $20,000 from Chase, we dropped to 192 last night. Lifehorse budget is over $39,000 a year to keep running. Many thanks if you can help, click on "share with- friends" & post to your wall will also be extremely helpful.

    Take care everyone
    Love & hugs
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    What a wonderful update horserider! I am so thrilled at how well your son did in his program. I hope all the tools they taught him stay with him from here on into the future.
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    Congrats! What an uplifting post. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I'm thrilled for you all. DDD