Back wit's end


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P-nut, our adopted son did it in the bathroom and outside, but if you trust her that is your call. Our son was nice too most of the time. We were shocked when we found out what he had done. He most certainly did not try anything with his big sister. She would have killed They prey on younger kids. When you are asleep, there is a lot she can do. My younger kids did not act afraid of R., although they obviously were. Keep a sharp eye out and be very aware of everything. I thought we were very vigilant. Obviously, our ex-child was sneakier than we were! I think it was easier to let go because he had not come into our home until he was 11. Lived there until age 13. I honestly am happy I didn't have to deal with that with a child I had had since birth. It has to be heartwrenching..I get it.

I wish you luck!!! :) I'm so sorry you have had such a horrible time and that your kids have to see hideous ex!!!! Hugs!!! Keep us posted :)


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What a mess! Quite the history with-these kids.
I know you can't wait to finish your degree.
Great ideas and insight here. I'm just sending hugs.