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    Ok girls, I went back to the therapist.

    After what happened with my psychiatrist for ADHD (she fired me without firing me, an incredible story. I wish it would had been a delusional psychosis instead of living first hand such unbelievable stories. At least, these crazy stories would have been more logical in a delusional world), after what happened with dad and his medical exam, I really need help.

    The therapist (yes, he is a psychiatrist, otherwise, Social Security doesn't pay. Psychiatrists can be therapists as well) was happy that I could figure out the right treatment, that I could go ahead with my fight to make a law change (for him, I was like a pitbull with this law. I replied to him that when he was studying medicine, I'm sure there were days he would send everything packing (in French : tout envoyer promener or tout envoyer sur les roses) and give up. Like everyone on this planet. Smile from him).
    I could tell him that I felt so much out of sync when people are astonished from such a result, whereas it's ordinary life for me.

    He asked me about ADHD medications. This time, he understood that i it works, then it works and be it.
    I told him that it works, more on task, like i we could put a "off" button on a blender. The only problem was my crazy psychiatrist, who would be good for a stay at phosph as a patient. He asked me if I had made her that. I replied laughing that I wish I would had been able to do it, because she is much crazier than her patients.
    I also told that she may had either studied medicine in a greasy spoon of ill reputation, either received her diploma in a Kinder egg. For me, my most probable hypothesis is the first (the ill reputed greasy spoon), the second doesn't suit her character.

    In a few words, we say a lot.
    The only problem I didn't figure out is that I have to take dad to someone else (I hear and understand his arguments, I am just running out of ideas to solve this problem).