Back from trip!

Sue C

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Just got back tonight. The motorcycle rally turned out to be a dud. Not many people and husband didn't make much money. C'est la vie.

Mackinac Island was great!! We both loved it and would like to go back. Monday was kinda hot for riding bikes--it was in the 80's. I got a sun burned face even though I had sunscreen on. Today was in the low 70's. Much nicer but we only stayed 'til about 1 pm. Our hotel was nice. It's one of the oldest on the island. We ate chocolate walnut fudge and had ice cream. Yum yum.

It was so fun riding bikes with no cars around. However....we were coming down a hill FAST when a horse and carriage decided to make a U-turn right in front of us! husband slammed on the brakes and we hit the curb. I got a jolt and my knee struck the handlebar. I have a lovely bruise now.

Melissa stayed overnight at her best friend's house each night. So much for her learning to stay home alone. (sigh)

Thanks for the anniversary wishes!

p.s. My MS is doing better and riding the tandem bike was not a struggle. No seizures, either. Yea!



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Glad all went well and you made it home safely....yeah, gotta watch out for those horse carriages.....happy you're back...


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Melissa will fend for herself.

It sounds like you and husband need more overnighters away from home. You sound relaxed and refreshed. YAY!