I'm now a great grandma...


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The great GS is almost 6 weeks... I guess things are going ok. DGD posts positive stuff on FB a couple times a week, but it seems like she posts stuff like "I'm with the love of my life" but I'm not sure I believe it all. It's kind of like she's trying to convince others or herself. I know she loves the baby and seems to be doing good. But, she will be going back to part time work soon, and I guess she will leave baby with boyfriend.

I don't like that much, but it's not my decision. He stays up late playing video games, and sleeps most the day. I hope he will be attentive when she's not there.

He still doesn't have a job...he has court on 5/22 and is to go to jail if fines aren't paid. I think his dad plans to help with that...but I'm not sure it's happened. Then another court date the following week...all for things two to four years ago. But he has never paid the fines. She has tried to make monthly payments, but baby was 3 to 4 weeks early, so she didn't get to work as much as she had planned.

And neither have received their stimulus check...

Older DGD rented a one bedroom duplex, she has got her check, p,us unemployment, plus that extra $600 a week. She signed a one year lease. I don't know how she will afford this after the money supply stops. She is suppose to return to work tomorrow... As a server...but it will take time for customers to return at the previous volume.

Thanks for checking in with me. Ksm